Good News BISP 8171 online application 2024 | 8171 messages

BISP 8171 online application:

Messages will come to people and there are three types of messages, their meaning will also be different and the support for them will also be different. There are two types of messages. The third type of message is, that if you get that income, then people’s money can be stopped, so the solution for this is also what we will share with you in this, so first of all, the important According to the update.

First message(Rs.10,500):

A message is being sent to you by 8171 from the government at the moment, it contains a ration message and this message has been issued by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who has not received the ration yet. A message is being forwarded by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in all provinces and those whose poverty score is from one to 60 means that the PMT score is from one to 60. have received this message. The message that has been sent to you will be like this, those who will receive it know this, those who have not received it yet, look here, it has been told that Ms. Bibi’s ID Card Number from Govt.

 It is written along with it the amount Benazir Kafalat program is written that Mrs. who is Bibi is eligible for the Banzial Kafalat program so please go to the Habib Bank payment center established in your district along with your original identity card and pay 10 Receive the monthly installment of Rs.10,000 if you have not received the first installment of Rs.10,500. 

2nd message(PM Shehbaz Sharif subsidy ):

The new episode is available here but the problem is that along with it another message is also being sent to many families in which you are being informed about the ration. What is this message? After that, we will go to the third message and we will also tell you the solution. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had issued a subsidy throughout the country. Here people are being given cheap rations, free rations, and other government programs and people who are not yet registered are being told that That they don’t need to go far, they can go to the utility store and get this subsidy. 

The message being delivered here by the Prime Minister of Pakistan is that the utility A special Rait package of Rs 7.5 billion is being given here on 19 basic Asia for BISP registered families up to 60 PM through the store, then they can visit the nearest BISP office. You people can take or receive the package from the utility store and along with it.

3rd message(Block your money):

There is another message and the third message is very important. It was said that the government is going to block your money in the future, so now the time has come that your money will be blocked here, but there is still one step up if you complete this step, this policy of the government. Keeping this in mind, you can still get this help. There is some news for those who are ineligible and for those who have not received anything till now. 

There is news and a little bit of back news for those who have been part of the income support program from BM for two to three years to four years and the money they have here is being taken monthly. He was a part of this program during the regime of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the payments he has been continuously receiving here have been made by the government and his money was never stopped, so now according to the latest CI. 

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