BISP 8171 CNIC Janch partal update 2024

BISP 8171 CNIC Janch partal update

I will be eligible, which means that if they register at home, which is going to start the day after tomorrow, they will get it because of the government’s survey and registration sponsorship program. Especially the procedures have been changed. If you want to know this information and want to be eligible for the program. Who are they and what are the procedures that will prove harmful to you that if you register with them, you will be rejected and then you are not eligible. It will be possible. I am going to explain the procedure, there are 100 percent chances of getting eligible. If you are eligible, watch it. If you do, you will be included in four installments of 10,500 rupees and three types of ration program of 12,000 rupees.  

Check Qualification 

Are they checked or are they not qualified or not qualified and how will you know 100 percent of it, in this video they also tell you that this is the correct procedure if you want to get checked. Have you done a survey for your family, will you get the government aid that you are going to get or not? 100 rupees and along with this, educational scholarships will be given to the children of some people whose children have 70% attendance and it will be remembered that those who have entered the Dynamic Survey, if they have qualified, their children Scholarships have been closed and they should know that without meaning to, they will put this thing out of their minds lest they end up at a money-lending place and spend more rent out of their own pockets if 8171 portal is not telling new up then wait after two years your job will be done if you want to contact us and get the job done regarding this is that some cards of my own family are pending if they success If you are done with, you people will definitely be sent an invitation letter from Detitude Training, as it is being sent .

People Who Had Re Survey 

Since you have served the people and it is not on you, but the loan of your love is being returned. Annual installments of 12 thousand rupees will be given and they can also be given to the beneficiaries of BISP. Remember that three installments of 12 thousand rupees are for the people of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or others. 10,500 and 10,500 installments have been collected in the regions, but Punjabi is included in the whole of Pakistan. The beneficiaries of all the provinces are ninety-three or 95 lakhs. Now their installments are going to be one crore. They can go and take the survey that I have told you, how will it be done at home? The identity card of CNIC has not been computerized, also the government teams are mobile vans with Nadra, they are vehicles, they will come, their full four card will be made, after the card is made, it will be registered and it will be included in all the programs.This is the way that if there are mobile phones at your house and there are special persons with disabilities, which I have seen in the houses of better poor people and there is no one to listen to them, their poverty means these conditions. Sometimes they don’t even have enough funds to go somewhere, register themselves, get an identity card, then there is a good opportunity, they have benefited from it and take advantage of it, and the second is that if they become eligible.

Installment Update 

Their installments are published. The second thing is that earlier, if you people used to conduct a survey, it would take three to six months. Within next few minutes you are enabled or about checking we have told you and on the other hand refer to 8171 Work is going on regarding ration program or other programs some government personal issues are going on will be set up within a couple of months month of july last weeks of june are very important for programs very important to all people Please get your identity card updated, family registration certificate, confirm your service.And remember that only people who have five to six children will get money in the office, they have less children, they have 50 percent chance, those who don’t have children, they have no chance at all, I have seen. No one knows more about the program than I myself. I have done the survey myself and we are currently trying to qualify through other methods. If I qualify myself, I will invite you and your There will be surveys etc. Remember that the surveys conducted through other methods are not free.

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