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BISP 8171 CNIC ApplyBISP 8171 CNIC Apply

BISP 8171 CNIC Apply

All those poor women who have been removed from the Benazir Anchor Support Program or other programs have been started by the government. Like Eid. Fitr Nigehbaan or Ration Rai Program coffee program was started by the government. If you have been rejected by all these programs or you are not being paid.It is going to be very beneficial for you, because whenever a new program is launched by the government, if you are removed from the Benazir program.

Nigehbaan Program Update 

You will not be paid from any program. Many friends say that this is our issue, that’s why we were kicked out from Naghban. It is called Benazir income Support Program. If you are in it, it means that you will not get any assistance from the government. Tell us the procedure to be eligible in the Benazir program, then let me tell you how you can get your name listed in the Benazir program. First and foremost there are reasons why many women are nailed down by making it a dynamic problem Reason number two Many people do this is that they go out of town and out of the country to perform Hajj Umrah. There are many people who have not done their dynamics survey, the date of their survey was announced, then they were rejected, so I am going to give complete information about these three reasons, but the information Before moving on. 

Dynamic Survey Problem 

First, let’s talk about the dynamic problem. Why does this dynamic happen to you? What is the dynamic that happens if you have some issues in your ID card, there is a problem with your ID card, or your husband, God forbid, has passed away, and his 10 If you have not submitted the certificate then it means you will not get payment from the government what you have to do is a simple task you have to go to any nearby center BISP You have to go to the center, you have to submit your National Identity Card number there, you will be asked some questions, you have to answer all these questions as you answer, and your problem will be solved, insha Allah. Your dynamic problem will be solved. It will be a simple thing. Now, let me tell you about the women who went out of the country and out of the city. Yes, if it is more than 10 thousand rupees or more than 2 thousand rupees, then you cannot apply in this program. 

Who Are Not Qualified For BISP 

If your expenditure is more than 2 thousand rupees, you cannot apply again in this program. It is not possible, you don’t need to try, then we talk about the third number, on behalf of a government, which has been made a dynamic problem without any reason, so let me tell you one thing that a regular government An alert was given on their web portal that you should get your dynamic done, but many people did not take it in the right sense that yes, they are saying that, so if you get your dynamic done then. So maybe this is not a problem for you too, but if you also want to solve your problem, then you have to do the same thing as your Dynamic Up, in Dynamic, you will be asked some questions as to what you have done. Due to not doing your dynamic survey or you will be asked for some documents like 10 certificates of your children, 10 certificates of your children, 10 certificates of your husband, if you have passed away or you are poor, then you I have to give PM discover of my poverty ie whatever things are like this you have to submit your problem will be solved insha allah.

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