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BISP 4500 Rashan ProgramBISP 4500 Rashan Program

BISP 4500 Rashan Program

Two types of families have been eligible for the ration subsidy given by the government, so only two people will get this subsidy, which of them?

BISP Ration Program

People will also talk about it in detail and you can get a ration up to 4500 rupees from everyone, according to which program you will get the latest updates. At the same time, let us also tell you that there are two very good pieces of news for the people taking assistance from the Benazir Income Support Program, in which the office has reached you so far regarding the sponsorship program and the education program. It will be shared, people who are being checked should also get ready because their money has also gone. People whose PMT score is less than 32 have been declared eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program by the same government and their payments of Rs 10,500 have been transferred to their accounts.

8171 Web Portal Update

8171 joining portal has been updated from 25th and is also being updated in phase wise children’s stipend has not been received and verification process is going on for those women who have registered BISP in their account. Verification has been done by AFS, their score has become more than 32, so their score is also being released this time. Out of 3.4 lakh checks, 17,000 women whose score is less than 32 have completed their verification blanket. They have also been qualified and their payments are being released to the respective banks. These widows whose score is above 32 and up to 35 are also being included. 14.15 lakh women whose head Their verification process is in progress. They will be included in the final cleaning case of July customers and those left under verification will be brought to appeal during December. Opportunity is also being given In the beginning of the viewer video, we told you that the government has fixed Dynam to participate in all programs, if the government starts a ration program or a targeted subsidy such as A year ago, through 786 scheme, you have been given Rs. has announced to give and the work on this program is going on. If that program is also started, then its record is also taken from UP’s Benazir Income Support Program, which is your dynamic survey, isn’t it one such in Pakistan? 

Children BISP Stipends

Along with this, let us also tell you that children’s stipends have not been received in the accounts of many people, so for the last few days, people have been repeating this question a lot and people have also shared their problem in the comments. It has been that our children do not have stipends. Earlier, our children’s stipends used to go with the  program, but this time, why did we not receive them? 

Has the children’s money been blocked? 

Yes, no, the children’s money has not been blocked. Due to some technical issues, if the children’s payments are not received in the accounts of many people, then they should wait a little bit, because inshallah their payments, their children’s scholarships and all payments will not be received until the next Sahab Mahi case of the Kafalat program and education program. Those who are withheld, even if they are of the sponsorship program, will be transferred to their accounts.

Ration subsidy

Even after Eid, the people are being benefited from the ration subsidy by the government, according to which two types of families are getting the special ration subsidy program from the government from about 1,000. You can get a ration subsidy of up to 4500 rupees very easily. was providing and it has been decided to release the same program after Eid. You can get a ration sub city from 4 thousand to 4500 rupees in a month. Also let us tell you that for this the regular beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program will be given more priority.

PMT Score For BISP Eligibility 

Those people who are not included in Benazir Income Support Program and their PMT score is between 40, then these people will also be provided subsidy under this program, so these two types of families are one. So those whose PMT score is less than 32 will be given more priority and those whose PMT score is between 32 to above 40 will also be provided ration subsidy under this program. Regarding the Benazir Income Support Program, let’s share with you that many people have asked different types of questions regarding the re-survey, brother, we have not received the re-survey message from 8171.

So should we re-survey? 

Yes, it should be done in this scenario. First of all, you should confirm how long it has been since you received money from the Benazir Income Support Program. If it has been three years or more, you should. If you are part of the program and you have not done your registration in dynamic registry or NSCR survey or any new registration for Benazir Income Support Program for more than three years, then dynamic service is mandatory for you. 

Dynamic Survey before 30 June

So in this case you must first get your dynamic server before 30 June 2024, if you don’t, you will be removed from this program without notice and also you will be re-registered in this program for the next two years. Registration will not be given and apart from this you are also given a facility that you can check your eligibility from the 8171 web portal where you can also check your BISP payments. From there you can also know about the eligibility of this dynamic survey, and there you are also told whether you are required to be re-surveyed or not, if you have already been surveyed, that too. You will be told if you have to do the survey again then that will also be given to you so please check your payment from Qatar web portal as well as check your eligibility Ramzan Sir check the status before that. Utility has been happening. Along with the store, you can also check the city from the same portal, so you must try the 8171 web portal as well.

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