BISP 3 type CNIC Holder Get May Payment 2024

BISP 3 Type CNIC Holder Get May Payment 

I am going to tell you that three types of people are going to get money, who are these three types? I will tell you the full details of the method that their money has arrived at and how they can check their money and receive their money. In addition to the complete details of the method, I will tell the people in this video how the disqualified persons who have been checked or whose registration has been disqualified can also tell them how to qualify. there, as friends, you all know that this is an episode of the unfortunate income support program, which all people received last time too. 

How To Receive Payment 

This time also they will receive what they have, but there have been various changes in it. People whose PMT score was more than 32 earlier, it was 40 now, they got their score according to my method. There was a problem with his PMT score when I told him the procedure and he did his survey according to which his PMT score went down as soon as his PMT score went down he One type of people who have become eligible for this program and their payment has started receiving their money and they are now eligible for this program. I told you that about 95 to 98 percent of the people who were examined have received their money, but they don’t know it. Because they don’t get the message on their number, they don’t know whether the money they have has been transferred or not, and what happens after that, the third, new registration, new registration. It means that according to the method that I told them, they had registered. After that, the money that they have has also been received, so I will also tell you the method of checking. How can you people check your money and still maybe there will be some people donating? How will people know that the engine money has not come yet so they don’t need to worry too.


The daily detailed method that you are told, you guys can become eligible. What to do is if you want to receive this case of 10500 rupees along with your children’s stipends you will also get it. Well first you have to check your amount as you can see here. It may be that the people who are eligible for the Ehsaas Noshunma program are also included in the survey, or those who are eligible for the Benazir Kim Subput program are included in it if you take the survey. If you don’t do it and you people don’t do the right survey, after that June 30 is the last date for you people, after June 30 those who are already giving money and don’t see the update or don’t do the survey, their money will be stopped. will go and 100 percent will be included those people who were NIL, who were examined, who have already registered, the readers are waiting for years, those who have done the old survey but they are not qualified, they should do the new survey. Before June 30, the date will be further extended but for now you can get your survey done by June 30 and for this you have been given many facilities now that vehicles also mean There are mobile vehicles, they are also going to village to village in Asha city and registering there and people can get their survey done. Earlier, this survey was done. Yes, there are these vehicles in Punjab too. Balochistan also has these mobile vehicles. You will find these mobile vehicles in every place with registration. People can get their registration done and check their money online. The method I will tell you guys is one, what you have to do is to go to Google and write 8171 BISP.JV.DtPK, after that you have to write your CNIC.

How To Check Money

And there you have to check your money, whatever answer you get, you can write to me in the comment below this video that we have got all the answers and with it your children. The stipends you have will also be seen together with how much your children’s stipend has been paid or not paid or call on the helpline number zero eight zero zero two six four seven seven and they will call you again and again. You will get a call from there you can also check your amount and you can also check your eligibility and you can also ask them where these centers are located. I want to inquire about the office, where is the office located in your district, what is your original ID?You will take the card with you, you will take the children’s form with you, if there are electricity and gas bills, then you will also take them with you, then you will be registered immediately, both new and old, if you want to do it. If yes, Asani Up will be registered and then your account will be checked. Try to enter the number on which you don’t have a Jeez Cash Easy Paisa account because it is verified there. and after that if you have more money in your account then you are banned and jeez give u phone number give zong number don’t give other sims.

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