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BISP 2nd Phase April to June Installment for Needy People 2024

Overview of the BISP April – June Phase

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is Pakistan’s largest social welfare program, aimed at providing financial aid to marginalized and impoverished women across the nation. The upcoming wave of payments for the program is set to commence in June. Those who wish to receive cash payments through the program can ensure their participation by following the steps outlined below. Good news awaits those who may have missed the initial notification.

Many individuals enrolled in the Bhutto Kafalat Program and the Benazir Income Support Scheme have already received their payments. It has been agreed that those who are still awaiting payments will receive them in the upcoming phase. If you encounter any difficulties in receiving your Benazir Income Support Program payments, simple guidelines are provided here for assistance.

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BISP April to June Installment 2nd Phase Starts For Deserving People

Program Overview: BISP provides financial assistance to marginalized women. The second phase of payments for April to June starts in June.

How to Check Payment: Verify via SMS or check online at the 8171 portal by entering your phone number, ID card number, and image code.

Procedure for Receiving Payment

If you encounter any difficulties while receiving your BISP payment, don’t worry; simply follow the steps outlined below. Detailed information is provided on what to do if you are accepted into the scholarship program. If you’re not yet a member of BISP, follow the steps outlined above to enroll. With the next phase of payouts underway, it’s crucial for women intending to withdraw money to be properly guided to ensure they receive information from 8171 along with their payments. How can you confirm your participation in the initiative?

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How To Check BISP Payment Online

If you wish to check your BISP payment outside your home, follow these steps. Initiate the process by sending an SMS for payment. If you don’t receive a confirmation message from 8171, you can check the status directly from your home. Access the 8171 online portal via your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

You’ll encounter a form on the portal requiring you to input your phone number, ID card number, and the displayed image code. Once you submit this information, you’ll receive confirmation regarding your enrollment status. For more information, refer to the detailed guide on our blog.

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Important Note Regarding Payment

BISP Development Update:

  • BISP offers financial support to participants.
  • Specific tasks must be completed to receive the BISP amount.
  • Non-participation in tasks may result in no financial aid.
  • Enrollment is mandatory for those not yet enrolled in the program.


This post aims to update individuals who did not receive their initial payments and are eligible for subsequent phases. If you or a family member have yet to receive assistance, ensure to take the necessary steps to receive payments. Failure to receive this aid may prompt activation of the next level.


Q: What is the BISP April to June Installment 2nd Stage? A: The BISP is initiating the second installment of payments from April to June to provide cash assistance to underprivileged women throughout Pakistan.

Q: Can I get my BISP money if I missed the initial phase? A: If you missed the first phase, you can still receive payment in the following phase. To confirm your status, input your phone number, ID card number, and picture ID into the 8171 online portal.

Q: What should I do if I’m experiencing problems collecting my BISP payment? A: Confirm via SMS. If you didn’t receive an SMS, visit the 8171 portal online and provide the required details (phone number, ID card number, and image code).

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