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BISP 2024

What we are going to tell you and give you news is what we have done and fulfilled. If there is a demand, then it is a long-term demand. I am calling it a long-term demand because it was related to the payment. What has been done? They have fixed it. So what has been done for a long time has been fulfilled and it has changed dramatically. 

Reformation of the second phase:

It is the second phase. It is not only the second phase, it also includes the third phase. It is because of what we have done with the reformation of the second phase, that we have divided it into two parts, now there will be a second phase and there will also be a third phase, so when will the second phase start? I am going to tell people, after that when the third page will be started, I am also going to tell the date of it and which districts have been included in the second phase and who are in the third phase. Districts have been added, I am also going to tell you, besides this, I am also going to tell you that from where will people get this payment, will people get this payment from the shops? 

The payment be received from the camp side:

The payment be received from the camp side or will the payment be received from the ATM, I am going to tell you these details in the same video. The question will be whether the second phase will start or the first one Both the token that was given to her earlier and the retailer that gave it damage are checked on the regular return and it is checked whether the woman has received the payment in full or if not, then it is also regularly checked. 

Complete your verification:

The verification is done on it and it is returned respectfully after taking the payment, then it will be Camptsi, so what will you people do from here, they will say payments, if they say yes to the payment. They will be found in the shops, so don’t pay attention to what they are saying. Therefore, what should be done mentally, get ready and what is the time of our campsites, I have already told you people earlier in the morning.

Screening will start there at 7:00 p.m. People will start meeting, so what should the daily people do? Try to reach there as soon as possible, where our cab site will be until 6:00 p.m. In my next video, in the second phase, when payment is being made in Islam, I will also tell the names of the regular people and the names of the campsites that will be there. I will also tell you, people, after the third pay starts and it will be on June 10, even then I will also tell you the names of the districts and where our campsites will be so that it is easy.

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 If you can go there and reasonably get your payment, that is why you people should not claim it in the comments and start asking that yes, yes, you will get less in such and such a distribution. It will happen, it will happen, I will not tell you guys myself, so keep calm, the purpose of my video was to make you guys mentally ready, so I hope you are mentally ready.

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