BISP 12000 New Program Update 2024 | How To Become Eligible 

BISP 12000 New Program Update

A program of 12 thousand rupees is being started by the government, through which you will be given 12 thousand rupees three times a year by the government. The amount will be given. What is the procedure of registration in this program? Let us inform you about the update before the focus of our video today is the update. Because let us tell you that many families this time are new families with checking accounts or families who have never received any assistance from the government before and their women are leaving. When they go to the place, they are told that they don’t have any money. Congratulations to them that their money has started getting into their account and the government is also going to give them up to 1 crore families this time. The number of beneficial for participation is being increased in which these people will have a great opportunity to benefit from this program of the government. 

8171 Service Started 

8171 service has been started, through this service you can receive your money. Children’s education stipend payments have also been started, in which money is being given to many deputy children who are already registered. It was done but the money was not coming to them. Before that, please like the video and subscribe to the channel so that you can get such best updates directly and timely. For Rs.12 thousand starting Rs.8171 or not, please let us know in the comments so that we can know how many people are currently eligible to apply for this program. On the other hand, I will inform you of the biggest news. It will be remembered that many programs have been started by the government under the leadership of Maryam Nawaz at one time, in which the biggest program is the Aghoot program, which has 17,000 rupees are being given to you, in addition to the Hum Kadam program and the Mahamat senior program, the independent program, these three programs are also ongoing at the moment, the payments of which have been transferred to your account. If you also want these programs. 

How to join BISP 

If I want to join, I am going to go ahead and explain the procedure of their registration. Make sure to like the video. Let me tell you that there is also news regarding the ration program, but at this time, Pakistan and the family, which is not a part of the government program. But is part of the ration program or may be those whose poverty is less than 40 40 of course more than 32 are telling you that in terms of dynamics and there are also weeks and hearing rooms, you should know that on the part of the government Many people have been started this series of matches like 31st January and in addition the matches of April and May June are being received by people. Messages can be taxed because registration has been made mandatory by the government whether you are taking money or not. One kilo system of thousands of families has been approved for this program and it is being formally started. What is the registration method for all these programs? 

After Survey You are eligible or not

If you take a survey in any program, it does not mean that you will be eligible or disqualified from that program. There may be LBs in the program. It will be remembered that the solar program has been started by the government. On the other hand, the amount of 12 thousand rupees will be given to the eligible persons in three installments in Nahban and three installments of 12 thousand rupees and five installments will be given annually. There is program of the year as well as 1 lakh 80 thousand per style. Let’s share the bad news with regard to PASS Nutanmic Survey that 70 and 84 as far as I have seen my data in which many such women who were eligible in the earlier program are being nailed at this time yes they are enough 71 I can see and read on the portal that you are eligible for Benazir Ka Falat program and go and get your current one and your dynamic registration has been done. It will be written in red words within one line. And you can take Sadi, which is currently ongoing, the Prime Minister’s package, the utility store ration program is ongoing among the students of Pakistan, all such households and families who are bilefisheries are 93 lakhs, they are directly eligible for this program. 

How to check PMT Score 

Let’s say that those who are eligible have to check their poverty score. If your poverty score is 32 or zero, you will not be eligible for this program. It will not be for you. Let us tell you that the big alarm bell has sounded for the eligible people. You have to get your poverty check. If your score is above 32 by one point, then you will lose the Qas given in June and July. Chiki is and so are your children,Lemmy scholarships will also be closed and new people are being replaced, which is why we told you at the beginning of the video that new people are the reason why financial support has been provided. And the government says that the government has not taken any action. 12 or two times of cash was received due to Corona or the families who took 25,000 during flood leaf cash are also being treated. Apart from the people of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have programs of their own provincial governments, like if I talk about Sindh, the Eid cash program of Rs. And through this, the farmers were being supported in terms of their crop health. Similarly, in the remote areas of Balochistan, emergency cash and supported programs were started through various M-Joses in remote areas of Balochistan. The program is operational there, on the other hand, small and large programs are ongoing in other areas, but this is a provincial program. Educational Scholarships Ehsaas Kafalat or Benazir Kafalat Undergraduate Scholarships Apart from Ration Program, all these programs continue including educational scholarships for children.

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