Mon. May 27th, 2024
BISP 10500 Payment Online CheckBISP 10500 Payment Online Check

BISP 10500 Payment Online Check

The date of payment of 10500 rupees has arrived, has the date of the children’s scholarships also arrived and when will you receive the educational scholarships of the children? Or after that you will get the same with authentic update. If you want to check the money online sitting at home, how can you check that you will be given the complete details? here we provide you the authentic information that you actually need, the big news of this time is if you want to check your money online sitting at home. or want to check your children’s money online, want to know the online method, just sit at home, just click and your money will automatically show you how much payment has been made. You have to go and write yes there. , we will tell you how to check your own money, 10500 rupees. 

Children Stipends Update 

The one hand, there are huge challenges regarding children’s money, big questions are being asked, messages are also enough that there was an update about children’s education scholarships, whether the episode about children’s education scholarships, which is 10500 The total amount of Rs. includes the children’s stipends, with whom will they come or who will come after? For some reason, they don’t know if the previous payment has been released, then the next payment has been released. The notification of 13 to 15 has been received from the government, so it may be a day and a half earlier or it will not be increased further because the month of June is coming next and the budget is in June. If it will be passed, then the government will have to run it during this time. If the children who are locked in scholarships are not with them, then how will we start running, then one month after that, in the month of June. Children’s allowances will also be received. Children’s money will be sent to your account. 

Two Types People Eligible 

Two types of people are going to be eligible in the same month of May. In numbers, the list is new. We told you earlier that within two or three days there will be a new list of examinees in which people will be qualified and secondly those who are other types of people. There are those who have just conducted the new survey, then they are also being qualified by the government, there are quite a large number of beneficiaries who used to get regular money earlier, they are also being qualified this time. You will get the payment of 10500 which will not be received from the shopkeepers but you will get it from the payment center, it will be received from various colleges and schools and it will be issued from the camp side.

8171 Portal Update

There are 8171 on the portal and I have received messages from some women, brother, you are lying. You said that you can check the child’s card, you can do so and so, but the helpline people say that only the woman’s card will be checked. My brother, I gave the information to the women who have also done the verification that you have to check the ID card, you have to check your child’s baby number or you have to check the ID card of your husband. It will be known whether you are eligible in this program or new, then you can ask for your ID card from the helpline number, then you will be confirmed that you have been admitted to this program. This is a sign that I have told you that if your child’s beef farm is being told there or your husband’s ID card is telling you, then you will not be able to join this program. Yes, let me also tell you that the women who are doing the new survey, the women who are doing the new survey, for the first time, they want to be a part of the support program, no matter where their family is. If verification is going on then they will get mandatory payment ok this is only for those women who do re-verification they can check their status through their expatriate id card irrespective of their old beneficiary status. This is a problem for those who take income support program money. Well, I have explained the procedure to those who do the new survey, how to check your ID card and you can ask the helpline number. The women who have been checked in the new survey are already ready, they have become part of the invisible income support program, manifestly they will get money.

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