Mon. May 27th, 2024
BISP 10500 new updateBISP 10500 new update

BISP 10500 new update

I am going to give you some very good news. So no, with respect to whom, and secondly, when did the women who did their survey just now get paid, two days ago, they did the survey, the date of their payment, I will let you know to confirm. Chucki is, now they are new, she says, what is the roster update and how we have to do it, inshallah, we will talk to you about it, 

Survey Date Update 

First of all, let me tell you that all the women who were worried about one or two and a half, I have to tell you whether the date is big or not. Now there is a new message from the government. Regarding this issue, I will tell you, inshaAllah, that the topic will be started first. Yes, yes, the last date of the Benazir Income Support Program, which was the re-verification for those who had to conduct a new survey, will be closed by me for two years after that, the survey of the low support program will be closed. A new date was given by the government, but now the message is being given by the government that all the news that was going on was fake. Only June 30 is the last date. All the women who have not done the survey yet can get their re-verification done by June 30 if they want to do it. The date is June 30th, those women who have completed their survey for 30 days are fine, these women have not completed their survey till June 30th, the Pimento of all you women will be stopped, this message has also been issued by the government. At first, they said that we have extended the date, we have taken it to November October, but this has not been confirmed yet, but now the messages that are being circulated on social media have been confirmed by them. June 30 is the last date. Those women who have re-verified by June 30 will be included in this program and if they become pregnant after re-verification in this program, they are theirs for two years. A lot of women were very worried after hearing this about not being able to conduct the survey, but let me also tell you that the women whose card has been canceled in the re-verification process can be made eligible. OK, if you don’t update your booster, you can join this program again if you don’t update your register. If your sister takes money, she hasn’t re-verified it yet, so go with her. If you become the head of the household, attach her with you and get her surveyed too. It is okay to have re-verification. One way, she will also join this program again and you will also become a part of this program again. This is the Russell Update. If any women want to update their Raser, they can go to any VIP office nearby and get their update done. Let me also tell you that the new case is being started on May 30, which is May 13, and the time has been given by the government. So they say that it will start in June and July, now what is this issue? When asked, they tell us that we are starting ours in June and July, so now we have to see if yours actually starts in May or not, and secondly, it is confirmed that at the camp side, Yes, who will you get it from now? Well, earlier you were given the invisible income support program which you used to get from the case reviewers. They will have to go to the camp site and collect their money.They have to face the fact that they are poor people who stumble and get their money. They used to get money easily in the shops, but now they will know when they get the money from the invisible income support program. Camps have been set up, they will go there to get their payment, then they have to face a lot of trouble.

Two Types Women Are Registered 

Let me also tell you that there will be two categories of women, which I talked about in the tension, when will the women who have registered, when will their payment come, whether they want it for six months. I did my survey yesterday and they have gone for check-up, so their payment will come in June-July and all the women who have been sitting at home after registering for six months and their check-up is going on, their payment is also due. It will start in June, July, right, and the regular beneficiary car is going, sorry, the regular manifest is being told that the payment they have will start in May, right, it will start on May 13, and with it, as many women as possible. The children’s payment was given to these women and they will get what they have in May. Apart from this, let me also tell you that all the women who are new to re-verification do not need to worry, they will continue to receive their children’s payments, their own payments will be stopped by the government. It has been given that even if they can ask them for the helpline number, they can also go and visit the offices and ask them. I said that if you have done the re-verification, you can also check your child’s ID card to find out your status on Qatari votes, apart from that you can also check your husband’s ID card. 

8171 Portal Update 

There are 8171 on the portal and I have received messages from some women, brother, you are lying. You said that you can check the child’s card, you can do so and so, but the helpline people say that only the woman’s card will be checked. My brother, I gave the information to the women who have also done the verification that you have to check the ID card, you have to check your child’s baby number or you have to check the ID card of your husband. It will be known whether you are eligible in this program or new, then you can ask for your ID card from the helpline number, then you will be confirmed that you have been admitted to this program. This is a sign that I have told you that if your child’s beef farm is being told there or your husband’s ID card is telling you, then you will not be able to join this program. Yes, let me also tell you that the women who are doing the new survey, the women who are doing the new survey, for the first time, they want to be a part of the support program, no matter where their family is. If verification is going on then they will get mandatory payment ok this is only for those women who do re-verification they can check their status through their expatriate id card irrespective of their old beneficiary status. This is a problem for those who take income support program money. Well, I have explained the procedure to those who do the new survey, how to check your ID card and you can ask the helpline number. The women who have been checked in the new survey are already ready, they have become part of the invisible income support program, manifestly they will get money.

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