Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
BISP 10500 New Jazzcash Payment UpdateBISP 10500 New Jazzcash Payment Update

BISP 10500 New Jazzcash Payment Update

So congratulations to everyone, 10 500 through easy paisa jazz cash, everyone continues to receive if you also get your 10500 in your easy paisa cash accounts. want to do then people who want to withdraw money from ATM go to comments and write yes so that we know how many people are fed up with hum side or shopkeepers and they are legitimate cash easy paisa or a I want to receive money from ATM, Janati sir, let me also tell you that whether the examinees will get money in EasyPaisa Jazz Cash, so that people who Disqualified are there any plans to release their payments also or not all.

New Payment By Jazz cash 

In the case of 10500 people who are going to get legitimate cash easy paisa, now the question arises that you people who already have easy paisa and jazz accounts, did he pay you these installments of 10500? will be received or else you guys will have to create a new account and what is the procedure A to Z all the details are going to be shared with you in the same video while the episode of 10500 is still going on from Campside. A large number of people are receiving the payments, the rush is also very high and the deduction is still going on, some women are taking the deduction themselves and some retailers are deducting as much as they want, so we If the dealers are honest, there is no deduction, there will be no problem. All these things depend on the retailer, who is the representative of BISP, who is sitting there. If the retailers do their honest work.

BISP 10500 New Jazzcash Payment Update
BISP 10500 New Jazzcash Payment Update

How To Get Payment By Campsite 

What can be the pain to the money takers that they are making the deduction to the retailer to take their own money, however, to avoid the heat and to avoid the rush, you guys should go early in the morning. Everyone should leave at 6:30 a.m. As soon as you enter the gate, you people will get the numbers first so that you people will get the tokens quickly and you can also get your payment on time. The big news is that now you are free Who is from the income support program and the place of sponsorship, it will be received from legitimate cash easy money. If you have already created an Easy Paisa or Dress Cash account, then there is no problem and if you have not created an Easy Paisa or Dress Cash account, then you can easily open it at home. Even if you are using the number from Up Easy or for Jazz Cash, you have to give it to the agent of Easy Paisa or Legit Cash, it will also be verified by the ISP. The limit of this verification is kept for one month.

3rd Phase Jazzcash Payment Update 

As soon as one month is completed, then your payment will be received in your easy paisa and valid cash. You will not get it. You have to receive this payment from the agent, that is, the legitimate cash and easy paisa agents who are also giving you money outside, they will be able to process this payment. You will be able to receive an easel from the agent but the condition for this is that your account should be in your own name. It is not possible that the account must be in your name, the SIM must also be your own, you will verify it yourself, so in short, the account must be in your name, then you will receive payments in your accounts. There will be a complete procedure for this, InshaAllah, in the next video, we will also tell you the complete procedure, what will be the process, how should you take the ID card, how should you put your thumb, all the details, InshaAllah.


We will share with you and you will also be told the list of those districts where you can receive money from easy money and legal cash and the rest of the districts will also tell you where you have ATMs. They will be able to receive payments through banks’ through payments. They will be able to make the payments through Easy Paisa and legitimate cash and those who are ineligible are to wait for their new date for their new survey. Only then they can qualify here and receive their payments.

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