BISP 10500 May Payment Update 2024

BISP 10500 May Payment Update

I will tell you that the new one is going to start on the 13th and many changes have been made. What are the things that you will need and what difficulties will you have to go through to get your money and which women will go in and only those who will be sent away with money, God willing, all these things too. I am going to share this with you and secondly, women who have not yet had children, how can they get their children to have a special treatment with you, but before that, all my friends.Ehsaas Kafalat Program, Benazir Income Support Program and all the poor friends programs of the government.

Payment Withdraw Update 

What is happening is that one should put a lot of pressure on it, okay, and a lot of changes have been made, which is beneficial for you, and for some women, they will have to face a lot of difficulties. Let me tell you one thing before, I told you before that the episode is at the camp side. Now, when you used to go to the camp side last time, where Dil used to book, there was no line or anything. It didn’t even happen, you used to go and you had to face a lot of difficulties there, as soon as the gate was opened, after that, all the women would enter, of which many women had to enter. The damage has also been done. Okay, someone here, you know, the heat has been hot enough. Now, what is there from the government, what is there are the new updates, the new changes that have been added to this program. Well, now those women who do not have money will be sent home from the door. The problem is, they will have to take it outside the door. It’s okay. According to the take, women’s cards will be checked. I will tell you the method of checking the card. The ID card will be checked. The women who have paid will be sent to the waiting room inside the door and the women who have not paid will be sent back by Wahi. Those who have paid will have a token. The amount that is in the received token will be ended and they will be sent to the waiting area. And the women who do not have such a payment will be sold at home from the door and the rush will be less, if they do this work, screening will be done first, queues will be formed after the queues. I have told you that all women’s money will be checked, those women who have money will be admitted, those who do not have money will be sent home from there. After that, the second step will come, it is okay to wait, you will be seated there, windows will be arranged or chairs will be arranged, chairs etc will be placed for you and cold water will also be arranged.

Who Receive Payment 

You will be seated at the fourth place, ok, you will sit and wait, after that it is ok to take your money, if you want to take money here, then they will call you as you have. According to Token, those women will go in and they will start receiving the payment, when the payment will be received, then you will be screened, and the person with the device will give you a slip and those who are Benazir Income Support. The employees of the program have also given you a salary and your slip will be matched. The money that is there is really that much money or some deduction from you etc. What has been done is to match the amount and then match your slip with what they have given to you, then what you have will be taken out of what you have. What I have told you is that one is queued and the other is screening, then you will sit in the waiting room, after that, you have to go inside and receive your payment. Screening will be done on your payment which you received and what they wrote and gave you a token then they will match then after this matching they will send you home. After I was done in this program, many women were asking me, my brother,We had updated in March, some say it has been six months, eight months, 10 months, so how will we get the payment for our children? Visiting the support program office, you have to check the enrollment of your children there, or even if you change schools, because of this, you are not getting payment, or because of this, your children attend school less. Short attendance is imposed, due to which your children do not receive payment, then you have to take care of them, you have to take the slips from there to the offices of Benazir income Support Program and fill them up. I have to go to the office of the Blindness Less Support Program again and now let me also tell you that there is no need for the pictures of the children. And God willing, the payment of your children which was not coming will also be started. 

Regular Beneficiary Update 

Those who are regular beneficiaries also have their payment and all the women who are under examination or those women who have become eligible for the new benefit, the payment of all the women will start in June and July. He said about the regular beneficially, but the government’s words are not known. You know that last time, he said that only the regular beneficially is also a payment, but when he used to check on 8171 votes, there was a check there. And when they used to check on the device, their payment was shown, so this problem is also going on a lot in them, so whenever there is a new update, you will be informed about it, Inshallah. told that with these methods, you will get the money that you have this time, there is a lot of women’s benefit and a lot of women’s loss because in such a long line, a woman will be angry if her payment is not done. Then she will be sent back from there and the women will be paid, whatever is inside will be sent to her so that she can receive her payment and the centers where these arrangements are not completed will not have security etc. There will be no Titti Shah, besides there will be no drinking water, their teams will visit them and fine them etc. If this person will not work, he will not be allowed to sit at the center. I have made the arrangements myself, the director of the tehsil here has to see the work, so the arrangements I have told you will be the same this time, the screening will be done after the screening, you know. But if you have to wait, there are many changes that have been made in the invisible income support program. Now from July 1st, let me tell you that the new bank is being added, when the new bank is being added from July 1st. 

New Banks Added

New banks are being added through which you will get payment ok six more banks have been attached first two banks can give you payment ok Alfla and HBL now what will happen to you in this another six banks have been added Yes, cash has also been added, so whoever starts it in June or July, ATMs will also be restored and you will get payment at the level of the union council. Now the payment you will get will be received at the level of the Union Council, so wait for you. If you have done it, let’s see what happens and the last date they told is June 30. No date etc. has been added, so you should get your dynamic survey done before June. It’s happening. It’s okay. You have to see it yourself.

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