BISP 10500 3rd Phase Payment Update 2024

BISP 10500 3rd Phase Payment Update

10500 episodes of the phase have been released. When will the third phase be started and are those who are getting payments now only those of the second phase? are getting or including the screened people and those who have done their survey from February to June are not showing any status nor are they being declared eligible. Neither are they being disqualified, so are such persons eligible, will they get payments, Kamal will give you the details.

3rd Phase District List Payment Update 

This is what day 10500 has been reissued, it includes the people of the second stage, as well as the people of South Punjab, it also includes the people of the second stage, which is the third stage. It includes many districts of South Punjab and they are receiving continuous messages asking when our payments will start. It includes Multan district, Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan, Muzaffargarh, followed by a large number of Lahore districts. Including where the distribution of payments has not yet been done, many people are contacting us by sending messages that we will also get these installments, should we go to collect our payments or not, all the details are up. I will share it in the same video, but at the same time let me tell you that there are a lot of people in it who were surveyed till February 2, in addition to some April and some May people also included in it. It means that the people who have completed the survey till the month of June are asking us if they are eligible or not, so many people are worried because they are not getting any status show. Neither they are being told from anywhere nor their status is being shown on the portal, so let us tell you that one or the other thing must be being told to you on the portal or you are being told this. You may have been put on probation or you may have been told that you have qualified or disqualified or you may have another status there which may be that you are enrolled in probation.

BISP 10500 3rd Phase Payment Update
BISP 10500 3rd Phase Payment Update

People Qualify In July 

It has been done, one of these three things must be shown to you, if you are being told to check there, then you have to wait until the month of July. In the month of July, a large number of people can be qualified. A big good news for the month of July is that a large number of examinees will be qualified and at the same time the new payment of 13 thousand rupees will also be told that this 13 thousand of your When will the payment of rupees start? Right now, only the budget has been announced, but its date will also be announced in the month of July, and those who are eligible for the examination in the month of July will be given a sum of 13,000 rupees. At the same time, let me tell you about Multan, Lahore, Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan and other districts of South Punjab, in addition there are many districts and people of Upper Punjab where payments have not been received yet. A large number of people are worried that if we also get payments from the Bay Income Support Program, then our worries will also end, but let us tell you that they were already told this by the Income Support Program. 

3rd Phase Latest Update 

This time the payments will be distributed in three phases, the first phase has already been completed, the second is underway and the third will start after that, another one in the month of July. Let’s give you the good news that you are now receiving the money from the income support program. Now you can receive this money from Basani ATMs, that is, the ATMs for those who have Benzer Income Support. Your installments are being restored, you guys will be able to receive ATM and the third big news of the month of July is that from July 1st, the third phase will also start.

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