Good News Binazir online registration 2024 

Binazir online registration 2024 

How do get registered in all of  Punjab programs How do a survey and how important it is What is the procedure to be eligible and what are their eligibility criteria? At present, many programs are working in Pakistan. Among them, Ehsaas is developing. Ehsaas is Kafalat program. You can take money from and run your household expenses if you are eligible, if you are eligible, if you think that you are eligible, you are eligible, you fulfill their eligibility criteria, then first of all you have to You have to check your importance. 

How do you check the eligibility?

If you go to the official website of the program, you will get a web portal of such value. When you click on this link, you will go to the top of this page. After that, you have to take your ID card number as soon as you write your marriage number. Below is your option, you have to write this code here, every time you refresh this page and open the slip again, this code changes, whatever the code is, you write it here. I have to give seven questions now. Who is this? Write the number of the ID card above and you will get it on the right-click. 

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BISP Different Program update

Visit the nearest office:

Are you eligible or not eligible or do you need to go to your nearest office, then you have to act on whatever is written here, except if you don’t have a mobile computer. No, there is no internet facility, so you can check further with your small mobile phone. How to do that? You have to send the message above 8-71 and 81, you have to send the message to yourself when you go to the website, just like here on the screen, you get the message that you are a slave or not or you are. You need to go to Ups. Likewise, you will get those things written in the message. 

After that, you have to go to the efforts of any of your nearest bearing programs, which the Ehsaas program, is the closest to you. You have to go there on your own and go there and contact the registrar who is the best. You have to go and tell them in which program you want to register. Yad Ahmad program is a program of 75 scans, If you want to register for the program, I will let you know, and then they will take the ID card from you and take the child’s birth form. It is very important to have the child’s birth form. 

Get your children registered:

Get your children registered and object correctly. There are many mistakes, so check them and if there are any mistakes, they will be corrected. After that, you should register. It is 12 thousand, you will give the ID card, you will give the children’s form, and after that your server will tell you that your server is the first service, and then it will be updated. The answer will be given, after that you have to sit down, then you will be led to the registration room, there you have to go and you will be asked any questions and you will be asked about your income. How much will a car go home in your name? If not, then after asking all these things, you should make a form. 

You will get a message from such a country if you are eligible or not eligible then you will be informed through this message along with this let me also tell you that if you want you are in Antz. If you take money from the program, it is important to keep some things in mind you should not own a house in your name, the property should not be in your name, the car should not be in your name, and the SIM card should not be in your name. 

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