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Biggest Update About Dynamic SurveyBiggest Update About Dynamic Survey

Biggest Update About Dynamic Survey

Don’t do it because the hassle of survey is over for them now you will be told which people have to take the survey and those people don’t have to take the survey and the biggest update is that you can check at home that Whether , if you are under review, when will the third term end on your side, and if you have not qualified, when will you be made a part of the program again and if You are eligible and if you still haven’t received installments of 10500 and children’s education scholarship money then when will you get it also update you in this short video also regarding ATM restoration. You will also be updated as to when you will start getting ATM Circus Time. 

Benazir Talemi Wazaif

Final Phase Installment Update 

The third and final phase of the recent installments of Ben’s Income Support has been started, under which the payments of all the beneficiaries of the remaining districts will be sent to their accounts and the sponsorship program and children’s education scholarships i.e. from 10 onwards. Along with this, the children’s education scholarship money will be released simultaneously and with it, when you start from the 15th of this month i.e. from 15th of July, whoever you meet at the ATM, you will be checked. Will also update regarding the people who are under verification because those who have just registered their new registration and are still stuck in verification, all such people will be eliminated in the month of September, inshallah. Also those who are ineligible will be included in this program and will be shown in the web portal of status 8171 and yes the new banking system is also being introduced by the government under which six banks Those who are will be introduced whose throw-up people will be able to receive their payments.

Biggest Update About Dynamic Survey
Biggest Update About Dynamic Survey

Bank List For BISP Payment 

The list of these banks has also been released. In the first video, we have told you how to check the bank of your area. Not seen, you can go and watch this video, we have provided a proper list for you to track your bank in your area, from there you can check your banks from your area. And these payments will also be provided to you through the basic banks of EasyPaisa. We have shared the details of this with you in the previous videos. Those who are disqualified due to increase in PMT score are excluded from this program for the next two years, meaning no assistance will be provided to them within these two years. They can conduct a new survey only after that they will be disqualified, so we have already told you people and we are still telling you that the people who have been disqualified due to increase in PMT score will be disqualified again and again. There is no need to go to Benazir’s office because you guys will not get any benefit from it now many people also have these questions that how can we check our payments so check the web portal of 8171 now It has been designed in such a way that all your payments will be shown on 81 71 itself, but this update has not been implemented properly, so many people are facing confusion here.

Last Words

Payments are showing, some people are not showing their payments here. It will be completely updated in the near future. However, for now, you can check your eligibility from 81 31. Apart from this, the updates regarding payments are also done there, moreover, if you want to check your payments in exact figure, you have to go to the nearest payment center for that. These questions are that till now we have not done any registration in our Benazir Income Support, so when can we do it, so see now you can go to the nearest Benazir Income Support office and do your new registration on any day, Saturday and Sunday.

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