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Big News farmers with six to 50 acres of land can apply for the green tractor scheme | 10,000 Green Tractor Scheme

Farmers with six to 50 acres of land can apply for the green tractor scheme 

The Punjab government has launched a significant relief package for eligible farmers, announcing the provision of 10,000 green tractors with substantial subsidies. Smaller tractors will receive a 70% subsidy, while larger ones will benefit from a 50% subsidy.

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Introduction to the Green Tractor Scheme and Kisan Bank

The Green Tractor Scheme and the Kisan Bank initiative, introduced by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, aim to support farmers by offering subsidized tractors and soft loans. This initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance agricultural productivity and ensure the economic well-being of farmers in Punjab.

Green Tractor Scheme Approved By Maryam Nawaz [2024 Update]

Maryam Nawaz and PML-N President Nawaz Sharif recently approved the Green Tractor Scheme and the establishment of the Punjab Kisan Bank. These initiatives were announced during a meeting where the Kissan Package was thoroughly reviewed. This package aims to provide comprehensive support to farmers, including financial aid and access to agricultural inputs through the Kisan Card.

Approval of 10,000 Green Tractors for Kisan on a Subsidy

As part of the first phase of the Green Tractor Scheme, the Punjab government will distribute 10,000 tractors. For small tractors, the government will provide a 70% subsidy, while for large tractors, a 50% subsidy will be offered. This initial phase is expected to be completed within a year, with plans to increase the number of tractors distributed annually.

Establishment of Kisan Bank by the Punjab Government

The Punjab government has also decided to establish the Punjab Kisan Bank, offering farmers low-interest loans. This initiative, part of a broader farmer package worth 400 billion rupees, aims to provide financial aid and agricultural inputs to farmers. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz emphasized the importance of increasing agricultural output and ensuring the prosperity of farmers.

Eligibility Criteria for the Green Tractor Scheme 2024

The Green Tractor Scheme has specific eligibility criteria to ensure that the benefits reach the intended recipients. To qualify, applicants must:

  • Be Pakistani citizens
  • Own between six and fifty acres of land
  • Possess a NADRA-verified CNIC
  • Not be indebted to any bank
  • Reside in Punjab

Registration for the CM Green Tractor Scheme 2024

Details about the application process for the Green Tractor Scheme will be announced soon. Interested farmers should stay updated through official channels for the latest information.

Overall Detail for 10,000 Punjab Tractor Scheme

Property Details
Scheme Name Green Tractor Scheme 2024
Approved By Maryam Nawaz Sharif and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
No. of Tractors 10,000 in the first phase
Subsidy on Small Tractors 70 percent
Subsidy on Large Tractors 50 percent
Completion of the First Phase Within one year
Eligibility Criteria Farmers with 6-50 acres of land, Pakistani citizens, Punjab residents, NADRA-verified CNIC, no bank debts
Registration Details to be announced soon


The Punjab Government’s Green Tractor Scheme and the establishment of the Kisan Bank represent significant efforts to boost the agricultural sector. By offering substantial subsidies on tractors and providing soft loans through the Kisan Bank, the government aims to enhance farmers’ productivity and economic well-being. This initiative, approved by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, reflects a strong commitment to supporting both small and large-scale farmers, ultimately contributing to the prosperity of Punjab’s agricultural community.


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