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BISP 8171 portal online payment check | 8171 BISP Qist online checkBISP 8171 portal online payment check | 8171 BISP Qist online check

BISP 8171 portal online payment check

There were a lot of problems in the portal, but what happened above, all those problems are over and you guys are going to eat our online viewers. As you guys know,  Support Program, so that every new update will be available. For the newbies and if you are not a user, what I am going to tell you about the portal is that the portal was ours which was having seizures, it was staying on the company and it was going down sometimes. 

people can check the total payment on their payment portal

One person commented and said that your portal has got BPO, sometimes its BP becomes high, sometimes it becomes two,  Together, the money was being shown, now we check only 10,500, so all such people can check the total payment on their payment portal, not only their own payment is being shown, but also their children’s education.

BISP Qist online check

There are scholarships, they are also being shown, apart from the one who is giving them the Eid package, for the different provincial government, how much are the governments in Balochistan, Kashmir, Balochistan and Islamabad giving them, they are giving two thousand and two thousand and Apart from this, the government of Sindh is giving 5000 and the government of KPK is giving 10 thousand. 

Big News: BISP 8171 portal online payment check | 8171 BISP Qist online check| Update 2024
BISP 8171 portal online payment check | 8171 BISP Qist online check

payment is also showing up to people

It will be till 26th, we will give them 10,000, that’s why the payment is also showing up to people, the first thing you have to do is to go to Google Artek and go there as a one-sone-up. People have to write, when they write up, it will go up to 8171, so here you have to click and after that, what you have to do is to write your ID card number and from which the four issue codes.

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If you want to write it, 

I will check the payment on the next day, so many people have done the whole status of my WhatsApp, so now I don’t understand what I should do, so this is my request to all of them. Yes, I didn’t even reply to them because we kept on updating our existing portal, so finally we have updated it, now you can check your children’s money there. You can check your money there, in addition to the third number, you can check your local government, the provincial governments are giving you easy money, so you can check all the payments there. You can check and you guys have to take the total payment and you guys have to take it. Well, there are many people like that. 

Check payment Update 2024

Once they take the payment, they come back again and check it again. We have our identity card number, but still the payment is being shown again, so they say yes, G-Payment is also being shown, so will we get it again It is written on the portal that if you have not, then visit the nearest payment center. There are those who are 10 years old, so now you people will get this payment, even if their children’s stipend remains, 

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will definitely check you guys

If they have to be re-rolled or their If there is any problem of change or any other problem, then I will definitely check you guys, but for Fahal, what do you have to do, as much as what is being shown on the payment portal, you have to get it, not more than that. 


If so, what should you do for this reason? 

First do this as much as your payment is being shown, take it and the rest as far as my efforts are concerned, I will do my best to celebrate you guys as much as possible OP. You people are very much worried about it. In this, your people’s worries are also taken, so a lot of people are also saying that Sir, if we keep quiet because of this reason, 

What should we do if we tell someone? 

Next time they will not expel us. Next time you have already told your people that we have benefited from six banks. If it turns out, then it is not going to happen. 

Next time, what are we going to do? 

We will have regulars in every union council and what will happen to the women of these councils in their own union councils There will be detailers from the bank, so this old system is going to end, so don’t worry, next time they won’t remove it. 

Next time, what should you do to save them? 

Do you want to pass or not, because next time the rest of the people will also pass if you don’t give the payment, so this fear will also disappear from inside you.

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