Big news 50000 Free solar system scheme | Eahsas ration program 2024

50000 Free solar system Scheme

How you can apply for the new scheme of this solar system and the new relief program and which people are going to get this solar system and when will they get it? Full information will be given through the method. The problem of various error issues brought by Nazir Income Support Program has come up and what is its solution.

Rashan Gharana Program

A big aid program is being awarded. Never before has any government issued such a big aid program. First of all, listen to this. A program of Rs.10,000 cash has been launched.Rs.2,2000 is being provided to the public. If the system will be provided, then this new program has been named Roshan Gharana Program. Under this Roshan Gharana program

Solar system program

Solar systems will be provided to 50 thousand families, so now the most important question is how to use this solar system. If this system is provided through this new program, 50,000 families will be selected through a loan and those families whose name will appear in the list will be provided with a solar system of 100 units. Not only will it be provided, but it will be made OK for them, when it is fully working, then the government will hand over this entire system to them, so the application and registration of this new scheme is going to start very soon.

How to apply

In which All people will be able to apply, but only 50 thousand people will be provided with this huge solar system, on which you can transfer all the electricity of your house. They will get energy and get electricity. Similarly, where you use diesel engines to irrigate your fields, you can get a lot of savings by using these electric motors that are powered by solar systems. This is a very big project, now the question arises as to which province it is for, so it is for the people of Punjab province. 


Families will be eligible for this scheme and they will be provided with this system, that too through a draw, meaning there will be no PMT score cycle. And this system will be provided to him, that’s why all people will have to apply, maybe your luck will wake up. It will be seen whether you are entitled or not. Now let’s add a most important update here that it has been decided to give two thousand motorbikes to the people of Punjab province. This scheme will be implemented from next month.

Free ration new phase 

Here we are sharing some updates regarding Muft ata and free ration that another phase has started under which all those people. Those who are present in different tehsils and different areas and their names were also mentioned in the free and free ration lists but till now they have not received their gift hampers or the teams have not been able to reach them. You can contact them and if your name is also in this list, then you can receive your gift from us before Eid. Good Benazir Income Support Program.

Different problem face while checking payments 

A lot of people are facing different problems, so different errors are about four such errors that you get when checking or taking your payments on the device, so let’s tell you about them which error. What kind of code do you have?

What is the solution to this problem?

  • When you check your ID card on the device, the people who get the error 915 can also get the solution from your nearest BISP office. 
  • When you check your card on the device, you get an error of 933, your district does not match, your payment is not showing on the device because you do not belong to the current district. And for the residents of the district, the solution is to go to your native district and get your payments. 
  • Well, when you check your ID card on the device and you get an error of 937, then either you have not been surveyed. Or you are still under verification, for that you have to wait more. If the survey is not done, then you have to do the survey. 
  • Similarly, the fourth error is that when you get your ID card checked on the device. If you get an error of 938, then your card has been blocked. To get it unblocked, please refer to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program. 

Late date for survey

Let’s share that all such people who have been asked to re-survey, if they do not complete their survey by June 30, their money will be stopped after June 30 and all the previous installments will be provided to them, you know. You have already been told that the people of Sindh province are being given an aid of five thousand rupees, and there, including all the regular beneficiaries of BISP, payments are being given to those people whose PMT score is 32 or more. Above is up to 40, among them, five thousand rupees are being given to men and women in many noble families. 10 thousand rupees assistance is being given All such people whose PMT score is less than 26 their data has been taken according to Ehsaas program and Zakat data and these people are also being provided assistance of 10 thousand rupees.

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