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Big Changing in BISP From June 2024Big Changing in BISP From June 2024

Big Changing in BISP From June 2024 :

After June, the Benazir income support program is going to be very big, so what women are these changes in the world? we talk in detail, then see a couple of changes are taking place, that is, a change is taking place for those who are paying regular pension, that too, let me go ahead. Let me tell you that the second change is for those women who are under examination, that is, the survey has been done and the score is less than 32, but the car is under examination, so if they are not getting it, it will be very detailed for them too. 

Change in  payment system:

Apart from this, there is also a change that the payment system is being changed, It is being said that the eighth date of the re-survey is June 30. Those who will conduct their re-survey by June 30 will be made part of this program after re-verification. If they do, their payment will be temporarily stopped, now those who will not complete it by June 30, their payment will be temporarily stopped because their new record is not with PIT. If so, what is for them will also be closed for their card-up so that they can re-survey and have a new record or re-verification of what they have in the new record. After that they will see if it is still eligible for that money then they will be made part of the program again if not then they will be disqualified for three years now in the new survey. 

Household situation:

Whether you get it or not depends on you and also depends on your household situation i.e. if you have more family members then there are chances of you being eligible. will become L and you will continue to get this pension for the next three years if your family is small and your children are less then you should also do that maybe after the live survey You should be declared eligible before conducting the survey. Now, before conducting the survey, you should think about how many children you have. If there are more than three children, then you should go and conduct the survey again.

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If there is no form, then they will not have their records and they can also be registered, so first of all, you should make their Pepam and then conduct a survey if the children are two to three or so. If there are less than that, then what you have to do is if you want to see any more family members who are living with you in your house, then add them to the survey so that your family members are more.

PMP score:

If your PMP score can be covered and you can be eligible again for this program then it depends on you how much you think for yourself and how you conduct your survey. One more thing that you will ask in the comments, is that many people ask that we have done the survey and we have been nailed. will go and many people also ask that we have not conducted the survey yet, so whether we will get June varieties or not, then let us tell you in this regard that those who have not conducted the survey yet will get this installment. They will get the June installment. After, their money will be stopped. Enough women’s money should be stopped right now so that they are not even taken to swear falsely, and enough women get what they have, after that, their money should be stopped. It has not been received.

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