Good News Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa registration 2024

Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa registration

If your children study in primary secondary or higher secondary, how can you register them? What is your procedure? Here is completely who Where do you have to fill the slip-up and submit it? What is their procedure? Look at what they have. That advertisement was shown on their official website. There is an official website you can visit. There is PK recording information, now look here, they are saying that what you have to do is that your children have to go there and what to do after going there that you give your way from and mobile number to the officer there. 

Complete procedure:

After that, the officer will give you a slip like this. If you don’t get that slip, what will you do? You have to take a form and fill it up it’s all right student’s name your father’s name your mother’s name school SM here S code etc. will fill in all these things. It’s ok. GR or admission number. Here you will tell your teacher’s name, and teacher’s contact number and also go with them. It’s ok. They will bring it from the BSP office and they will submit what is there, ok now what is there is separate for girls what is there is a stamp like what is at the primary level is for Bulls. 

20 will be given to at the second level, 3 and if there is any higher secondary, they will get up to 4, if for the same boys, the primary boys will get 50 and the secondary boys will get 25, and the higher second. Those who are students will get 3500. Okay, now look here, they are saying that what is their age, those who are from 4 to 12 years old are in primary and those who are 8 to 18 years old. They are secondary students who are 13 to 22 years old, they are from IS secondary, ok and check here if you have 70 percent attendance in the class, then you will get this step-end advice. 70% of your attendance will not be in school, so this stipend of yours may be cancer. Now look here, this is their slip.

Educational scholarships;

To be eligible for educational scholarships, employment documents, eligibility criteria, eligibility checks, registration documents, payment of scholarships, and more information, we go to this video of Aaj. We will discuss the number of documents required to be eligible for PISP PISP-sanctioned resources, BISP Education Scholarships, Education Scholarships under the Benzal Income Support Program, and financial assistance to help the children of poor families in their education. Scholarships are available for primary factory and high factory-level students.

PISP Eligibility Verification:

Also, You Can Get a Timely Number Two Eligibility Criteria To be eligible for the BISP education market you have to meet the following criteria You must be eligible to register with PISP your child Should be in a recognized government semi-government or private school or college Your child should have at least 70% attendance Your child should not be a source of income Number 3 Eligibility Test PISP Eligibility Verification will check your BISP record and information from your child’s educational institution Number Four Registration Registration for BISP academic mock is usually opened once in a year you can visit your nearest B. From the ISP office, you can get information about the dates and procedures of the selection. Document No. 5: At the time of registration for PISP Scholarships, you will need to submit your visa. 

SP ID number of your child’s child’s school or college admission confirmation number with class and school information Six Scholarship Amount BISP Education Scholarship Amount Dil Sel Hai Primary Level Students 1000 rupees and 1500 rupees for female students 3 thousand rupees for secretary level students and 25 rupees for female students 4 thousand rupees for each 31 level students and 3500 rupees for female students More information about BISP Education or by visiting the EISP helpline or our website at a Shawari facility.

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