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CM Announced Latest Distribution Date to Give 20000 Electric Bikes to Eligible Students

New Electric Bike Scheme 2024

A recent announcement by Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab, unveils the latest distribution date to provide 20,000 electric bikes to eligible students in the province. This scheme targets students encountering transportation challenges, especially those attending schools or colleges. The initiative aims to support underprivileged students by granting them access to electric bikes, facilitating their daily commute.

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To participate in this scheme, students must register and submit their applications through the designated government portal. Upon successful verification of documents, eligibility confirmation follows. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, offering all necessary information and explanations to assist students in navigating the process effectively.

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Eligibility Criteria Check For New Electric Bike

Students in Punjab interested in determining their eligibility for the New Electric Bike Scheme 2024 should adhere to the following essential steps:

  • Only students residing in Punjab are eligible for registration in this scheme.
  • Students studying in other provinces or abroad are also welcome to submit their applications.
  • Documentation from the respective educational institution, such as school or college credentials, is mandatory.
  • Original ID card submission is required for registration.
  • Students who have previously submitted their applications need not resubmit.

Online Portal Registration For 20000 Electric Bikes

The government has launched an online portal dedicated to registration in the Electric Bike Scheme. To complete the registration process smoothly, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the Bikes Government PK website using your mobile or laptop.
  2. Create an account before visiting the website.
  3. After creating the login ID, revisit the account.
  4. Follow the provided five-step instructions on the website.
  5. Enter all required information accurately during registration.
  6. Upload the necessary documents as per the guidelines.
  7. Generate a form and make the payment at the designated bank after receiving it.

Ensure compliance with all registration procedures to validate eligibility for participation in the electric bike scheme.

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How to Get a New Electric Bike Through the 20000 Punjab Bike Scheme?

Although the distribution process has not yet commenced, students eager to acquire their electric bikes will receive prompt notification once the distribution initiates. Upon completion of the application process, students uncertain about their eligibility status can verify their names on the list released by the government on the website. This list categorizes students as eligible or ineligible, enabling them to confirm their eligibility status. Only eligible students will receive their bikes upon distribution.

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Recently Update Of Punjab Bike Scheme 2024

A recent update regarding the Punjab Bike Scheme 2024 highlights the release of the eligibility list for students who have successfully completed the application process. By checking their names on the list, students can ascertain their eligibility for the scheme. Subsequent to this step, the distribution process is expected to commence shortly.


In a noteworthy development, Transport Chairperson Bilal Akbar Khalid, after reviewing over 50,000 applications for 20,000 Electric Bikes, proposed an extension of the scheme due to the overwhelming response from students. A meeting convened to address this surge in demand concluded that the distribution of the 20,000 Electric Bikes should be extended to a second phase. The distribution process is slated to commence soon to accommodate additional applications in the subsequent phase. The final distribution date for the bikes has been set for May 13, marking the commencement of eligible students receiving their bikes.

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