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Benazir Mazdoor Card in Urdu

Benazir Mazdoor Card in Urdu :

How the Labor card is made, there will be complete details regarding the labor card, there are many categories of labor in Pakistan that have different departments. How is the labor card made? How is the sanctioned card made? Who are the workers in which category, What is the highest number of people in Pakistan approved, the government has issued senior citizen cards to give them their benefits and how is the final card made?

Different Categories of Labor Cards:

There are two categories, one category is different mines such as salt coal mines or any other stone mine or laborers working on mountains or working on crushers or architects, On top of that, if your child wants to study and he was not studying in anywhere, the government has given him a complete stipend What happens to the of those who are ill, surely you will be treated, the government will treat you for free.

This is approved by the Department of Health. Workers in shops, mills, factories, working in different companies, working in banks, working in different shopping malls, this category is another category, which is labor, labor welfare, he is looking at this department.

How is the labor card made?

You have to do a very easy job. You have to go to the finance department. Inside the office, you will be given a picture of your ID card, and signature, It is necessary to get a signature then they will give you the form that has become your labor card and they provide you with all kinds of information. 

The card will be issued by the Sindh government now, which is called Benazir Labor Card. It is only available near Sindh, it will be given or it is purely a project, it has nothing to do with the rest of the card. This project has been started and through this card, education will also be given to children who want to study. About six lakh 25 thousand will be done in the first phase and record programs will be done in this regard, it has been done regularly and it is ongoing this program has been started by the government of Pakistan for the needy people. 

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Process of taking Money by ATM:

Your national identity card and your children’s form. Those who are taking money first should also go and those who are fresh people should also go and register in the Survey. otherwise, you will not be eligible, without this survey, you will get a health card through this survey, also get your children’s stipends and the children’s food. The method of taking money is that you can take money from the center and the ATM of HB and HBL Bank and Bank Alfalah which is a biometric ATM. Secondly, Benazir Income support program Centers have also been opened for your convenience.

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