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Benazir kafalat program check CNIC

Benazir kafalat program check CNIC

71 service is being launched through which your application has been received, you will be contacted within the next 48 hours that the number of 9.3 lakh people is going to be 1 crore which the number of people is going to be checked. There is good news, which means that the third and fourth quarter of this year will start in which month, the government will reach the government about this date, in addition to all such families and households who want to be a part of the sponsorship program and their ATM card. I am also going to give a complete update about those who want to make it so that families who are facing weak financial conditions will not be left out. In addition, two new programs are being launched by the government.

Kisan Card program:

How do you register so that you qualify if you have already registered on the other hand the big news is that the team can also come to your home. How will they come, in which area the teams are coming, all this will be part of this update video and in addition, the largest Kisan Card program has been issued if you have subsidies at home. Want to get and like Easy Paisa Jazz Cash UBL HBL Bank Al Falah National Bank Alive Bank MCB account in which you want to get money, so please let me know the complete update in this video. 

70% of women in the survey ratio:

In addition, let us tell you that 70% of women go for their survey but become hungry if they don’t get Nil for the future and they want to. They are also poor and entitled. Such families and families were registered in 2008 and they were uploaded later or they don’t get money but you must have heard that many people get Rs. After this, we will give full details regarding this money if you have to join the program of 2536 thousand or 42 thousand rupees per year from the government or join the ration program for those who take Raja and for those who do not take it. 

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Surveyed 8171 NSCR:

There is great news for both those whose names were on the lists and could not get the ration except at the ATM of HBL ATM Bank ALFALAH and ATM of United Bank Limited i.e. UBL. We will inform you with an update regarding when the process will start. Apart from this, the case of January Tamaad is currently ongoing. 1 crore is being done on the occasion of this great effort and it is news that such families who were surveyed 8171 NSCR and later these families did not do their lesson regarding any program, they are denied. They are not included in any program, whenever they go for a survey if their survey is not done properly, they are further told that they are incomplete, due to which their comfort rises and very much. All the families become ineligible in the case of this program. 

Program of Nashua Nama:

Let us tell you that the government has taken a timely decision to provide 8171 services to all such families who are under investigation and if their mobile numbers are correct, they will receive 8171. Matches are coming from that you have been added to this program and then go to your nearest center to receive your dog watch. This is the biggest update we have ever delivered. As is the program of Nashua Nama and you can take 23 thousand rupees in it. In addition, you get five rupees and one thousand rupees in Bonj. Even after the Prime Minister Prime Minister Ramzan Ali package, the new dynamic survey of your registration through the counter through the utility store is ongoing and all the families are in their nearest office. Wake up and if there is a rush, then go to the utility counter, the same dynamic registration is being done. As you know, the mobile app for new registration is also currently being worked on. The government has said that it is political

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