Good News Benazir Kafalat Card|The Punjab government has announced the giving of solar panels

Benazir Kafalat Card:

Two major aid programs have been launched, and under these two major aid programs, you will be able to get huge cash aid from the government in addition to this, We are going to explain to you the goods that you have gotten from BISP. We are going to explain to you. The security card of 12 thousand rupees, will also be discussed with you about these two aid programs. Benazir income support program will provide you  Rs 12,000 as financial assistance to the families. Of course, they are there for you and very soon you will speed up the registration process. The Nighaban card works IF you have realized your identity card you will also be included in this program with 12 thousand rupees. Assistance will be provided.

The Punjab government has announced the giving of solar panels:

In the same way, the Punjab government has announced to give solar panels to 50,000 families. I am going to update you The good news is that they are going to give a new code regarding the checking of the 16 system. they should be told to you in full to your wives so that they will apply after seeing the complete procedure and tell you on your behalf that the government of Punjab did the labor and Ehsas program. this code is going to start very soon, we have already assured you that, God willing 500 rupees per child is being which means that it was applied to the previous installment. 

Details of Dynamic Survey:

Let’s tell you what I saw in the last movement regarding the dynamic survey with all efforts to solve it. Thank you, all the installments coming to them will be stopped, you will be expelled from this program, then you will not be allowed to register for this program for two years. we have come here with information and I will tell you about the 8800 code as well as educational scholarships for children and the Benazir income support program. I will tell you about it and I will tell you about the test,8800 Which was the short code through which the solar was being given for the illumination, so when someone used to send his ID card which was connected, the problem was very big.

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Yes, these messages were sent, but despite that, they were not getting any special benefit, after that many people joined their card, but still, no one got the information and their money either. They were also asking for money for this message and still people did not find any information in it, so I will tell you that the cover of this start-up has been completely closed. It has been done because it was not benefiting the public, there were some issues, so as soon as this court starts, there will be no information about it. Payments are being started on the 13th of May.

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