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Banizer kafilat program check by CNICBanizer kafilat program check by CNIC

Banizer kafilat program check by CNIC

I will tell you four ways through which you can check how much money you have for Benazir’s education and Benazir’s children’s support and after that. I will also tell you what your eligibility is, you are eligible for this program, you are not eligible for this program, I will also tell you everything.I will tell you what are the four methods through which you can check your Benazir’s and Ehsaas’ children’s stipend and Ehsaas Roshanma’s money sitting at home in just one minute. 


First you go to chrome and search 8171 Government website.Then you go to the same website in Google. You have to search and go there and check your wife and your money. I will tell you the other three ways to check money, so you can also see above that it is from the government There is a web portal created through which you can check your money and your eligibility. This is a new portal. Government seal is also attached here and Nazir’s seal is also attached here. People can see. First of all, if you have done the survey before, then whenever you have done it, you have to remember one thing. If you have not done the survey here, you can be told that you Those who are not eligible for the program just means that the survey has been done, their portal here will tell that they are under verification and eligible. It will be visible and I will show it here to you people.

8171 Web Portal Update

8171 joining portal has been updated from 25th and is also being updated in phase wise children’s stipend has not been received and verification process is going on for those women who have registered BISP in their account. Verification has been done by AFS, their score has become more than 32, so their score is also being released this time. Out of 3.4 lakh checks, 17,000 women whose score is less than 32 have completed their verification blanket. They have also been qualified and their payments are being released to the respective banks. These widows whose score is above 32 and up to 35 are also being included. 14.15 lakh women whose head Their verification process is in progress. They will be included in the final cleaning case of July customers and those left under verification will be brought to appeal during December. Opportunity is also being given In the beginning of the viewer video, we told you that the government has fixed Dynam to participate in all programs, if the government starts a ration program or a targeted subsidy such as A year ago, through 786 scheme, you have been given Rs. has announced to give and the work on this program is going on. If that program is also started, then its record is also taken from UP’s Benazir Income Support Program, which is your dynamic survey, isn’t it one such in Pakistan? 

Check Payment By 8171 Web Portal

First of all you have to write your National Identity Card number here. And then write Captua.For example It is fine as I write it here in front of you. This is the code below 64 and 21. Ok, this code should be written up by people. Ok, I will write the code here. So this is what I typed in the code 64 21 here find out that above I will click as soon as I click on this then what is in front of me will be a new dashboard but here you can see that I am told That the identity number of the app has been registered in the dynamic registry, after verification, the app will be notified through SMS from 8171 regarding the eligibility. The option will be that I will show you the screen also what will happen to those who are eligible and also its website I will tell you people that if you want to check your money in this way then its website

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Check by

Let me tell the site up this is his website ok you will write his website on google then it will go here your money You can also check the eligibility, you can also check the eligibility. I will check here and show what is written about him. As we checked here, they first said that his ID card number is not correct, so now we are correct. They write down the identity card number and then show what is written. If I have not received 10 thousand 500 rupees, then go to the center and collect it. It is ok if it is still written below to do the survey for new registration. If you do not do it, then your money will be stopped. If your amount is more then instead of 10500 your more amount will be shown here. OK 15 thousand b thousand more than 16 thousand will be shown. The first method is the second method.

Check Payment By Bank

Go through the devices through the devices. Show your ID card to the device owners of HBL Bank Alfalah. Tell them the identification number, they will tell you at home that your amount of 10,500 rupees has been deposited in your account, so they can easily check you, like the amount that is here. 10500 so you can also check your amount in the same way and there is another one which we have identified.

I will tell you how to check your card.

Check by Helpline Number

By calling the above helpline number, they can check their money at home. How much is the amount and when can you receive it the helpline number is zero 826 four 77 zero eight zero zero two six four seven seven you can call up above ok there is another amount we have checked here But look at it here, Khairpur is written, so it is the money of Sindh, they have also received this money. In the same way, every employee can check his money online sitting at home, just write his ID card number. The check will also be done in this way. You will call the helpline. There will be two ways to check. So you can check them from Bank Habib devices or HBL ATMs. You can check the amount. 

Check payment by ATM

The way to check the amount from the ATM is that you will go to the ATM. There should be a biometric ATM. There will be an enter button written there. Sometimes it is green and sometimes it is white. OK, you will click on it, there you will see an option of Benazir sponsorship, you have to click on it, you have to write the ID card number. If you want to withdraw money or check your balance, you can click on withdraw money or check your balance. You can also check this by going to the ATM through the devices, by going to the ATM, or by going to the portal. 

Check Payment By 8171 Message

Here, you can give a message that the message of the installment comes, like this message of the installment has come from 8171, then you will get a message from 8171 that you mean that the money has arrived, you can go and receive it. There is a method, if you don’t understand something, you can comment below the video. See you again

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