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Application form online registration :

Announcement has been made in the program BISP, they are also from any city or district of Pakistan, so you can apply for these jobs easily. Those who have been servants can only apply for the jobs. You have to write it simply. An unlimited income support program has been implemented on the Chrome browser. Loyou at the instructions, you, first of all, have to select which job you want to apply for. Here they have multiple jobs, if you want to apply for Assistant Directed Technical. It is you for the darwish scale from cooperative kardaryouAC, it is here.

How to apply?

Right first they can only apply for it, you will do it from here after doing the change fun trigon triangle you will do it after government employee now which one is my ata destination you have done the process here you have to write down the name and which base,  picking up, you have to enter it in the government, and in which organization you working, from which year you mean joining from Sindh, date of the party, government servant, meaning up. When did you get the joining letter from the government, they will write its date here, then when will your date of retirement be, that is also a mansion, you will also write it here in the documents. 

Government  servant sector:

Total experience in the government sector. How much experience do you have in the environment servant sector? It is you when taking a petition is based first on any work etc. Benazir is not in the income support program. you, if it works for you, if not, then you have to leave all these things, then we are coming here in the purple formation, in the sheet form, we also have the information in the other person formation. Here you have to write your full name you have to write your father’s name here then you have to write your date of birth whatever you have extra z then you have to write your gender male females whatever you have winter.

Then you have to enter your active mobile number here, then you have to enter your CNIC number which is dashed up too without up meaning you have to write which domicile district number of Pakistan. You have to write that, and after that, check the email address here. you have all the districts, etc., but not all of Punjab. you will give my active email address here, then you stay here. It is what happens in your CNIC if those two things are your sem then you have to enter both the sem.

Did division, mine, and dispensationalization mean this file is shown? You have to leave it. For intermediate, you have to fill up RS SIM in the same way. If you have done your best, etc, any solar system. So, in which year have you completed it, with which investment, from which division, and its localization mean you will take the Formal CS program here for a Master, etc? Also, you have to simply edit all the ones you have done and you have to write the heading of your qualification here and you have to fill up the data here.

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Your CV:

You have often read computer forces of any language ​​etc. Name of scores you have completed before this course and from which institute you have done it. etc. If you are a government employee, then the posting will continue. When it happens, you have to simply add the name of the organization. In which organization, in which scale? It is time to winterize your account according to them. It is fine. Then, in the same way, if it comes, add it here. Here is your CV. Is it good? There should be absolutely a boring point and protection model. you if you go for an interview for any up job etc., then first of all you should have a call letter etc. That should be a good point

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