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Apna Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme

Introduction to the Apna Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme

To combat unemployment and reduce poverty, the Government of Pakistan has launched the Apna Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme under the Ehsaas program. This initiative aims to empower individuals by providing them with the means to generate income and improve their livelihoods. The scheme focuses on inclusivity and economic empowerment, offering a lifeline to those who have struggled to find employment opportunities.

Overview of the Scheme

The Apna Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme is set to commence in 2024, marking a new era of economic independence for many individuals across Pakistan. Through this program, eligible participants have the opportunity to acquire their rickshaws, creating a pathway to self-employment and financial stability. This initiative is particularly beneficial for people living in rural areas, where job opportunities may be limited.

Accessing the Scheme

Registration Process

Accessing the Apna Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme is a straightforward process designed to ensure maximum inclusivity. Eligible individuals can register themselves or nominate a family member to participate in the program. Registration is open to women, highlighting the government’s commitment to gender equality and empowerment.

Steps to Register

To determine eligibility for the scheme, individuals are required to complete a simple registration process. This involves filling out a form available on the official website of the Ehsaas Rozgar Scheme. Participants must provide basic information such as their name, ID card number, and email address. Upon submission, participants will receive confirmation of their registration status and further instructions on the next steps.

Procuring a Rickshaw

Comprehensive Guidance

Once registered, participants will receive comprehensive guidance on the process of obtaining a rickshaw. From navigating the application process to understanding repayment options, every aspect of the scheme is tailored to facilitate ease of access. Additionally, participants will receive detailed information regarding repayment schedules, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Financial Assistance

One of the key advantages of the Apna Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme is the provision of financial assistance to participants. This aid catalyzes economic empowerment, enabling individuals to support themselves and their families. Whether opting for a traditional rickshaw or a loader rickshaw, participants have the flexibility to choose the option that best suits their needs.

Benefits of the Scheme

Economic Empowerment

The Apna Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme offers a multitude of benefits to participants. Beyond providing a source of income, this initiative promotes entrepreneurship and self-reliance. By empowering individuals to become self-employed, the scheme fosters a sense of ownership and pride within communities. Moreover, the scheme contributes to poverty alleviation efforts, thereby creating a more equitable society.

Inclusivity and Gender Equality

The scheme’s inclusive approach ensures that all eligible individuals, including women, can participate and benefit. This commitment to gender equality is crucial for the holistic development of society, as it ensures that women have equal opportunities to improve their economic status.


The Apna Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme represents a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with unemployment and poverty. By providing access to rickshaws and financial assistance, this initiative paves the way for economic empowerment and prosperity. As Pakistan strides toward a brighter future, initiatives like these serve as catalysts for positive change and societal transformation.

Quick Details Table

PurposeProvide means of self-employment through rickshaws
Registration ProcessOnline via the official Ehsaas Rozgar Scheme website
Eligibility CriteriaOpen to individuals, with a focus on inclusivity and gender equality
Financial AssistanceProvision of funds for acquiring rickshaws
BenefitsEconomic empowerment, poverty alleviation, promotion of self-reliance
Commencement Date2024
Additional NotesTailored guidance and transparent repayment schedules

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