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Admit card portal:

So I will tell you how you can get your life in service and who are the men and women in this program. Can I join and what are its benefits? 

Well, there are three categories of service cards. First of all, it can include laborers. Now let me tell you that laborers can check their status online sitting at home. Are they able to be in this program or want to do their registration online? First of all, what do they have to do what have you done? Yes, you can know about the eligibility. You have to go to the right message. You can also send this message to 81 23. Well, in a while you will receive a message from there that your verification is in progress, or after a few days you will receive a message. You will receive a message saying whether you are in this program or not. I have told you that it is for innocent people. There are social welfare offices in your tehsil and your district. 

Himat card Registration Process:

You will fill out a form that you got from the office and you have to get it attested by your union council. After the test, you will have to go to the social welfare office again and fill out that form again. You will have to submit it, and they will forward your request after a few days you will get a message that you will write your number at that time during registration, and then you will be told that your labor card will be made. It will be done or will not be done. Well, this was the process for the workers who wanted to make Himat cards.

Girls stipend:

How can our girls, who are studying in a government school as you say, join the program? How can they be a part of this program? On the one hand, the headmistress of the school can also send your request. The girl falls within class 6th to 10th, and she is also in a government school, in addition to this, if she falls into the private school, then she cannot join this program. She studies in a government school from 6th to 10th standard, then you can send this request through your school management to BOP and if you go to Punjab Bank, you will get a form from there too. 

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You have to get it filled then you will have to go to the school and from there, you have to get the form filled. If the same head misses your request, they will complete it and then they will send it. If your child is born, these men who are her father or mother can also participate in this program through biometrics. First of all, this program was started by Shehbaz Sharif, just was issued, the same way, on the same day, there were messages from a lot of men that Bahimt’s card had been closed or his money would be found Who was getting what they have and the rest of the installments for the women who have not received yet, God willing, soon their installments of 4,000 will be paid from any retailer who used to be the retailer of BOP.

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Just like you receive money from your daughters, you can also receive money from Bahimat Mazdoor or the ATM card they have got, they can also withdraw their money through the ATM card. Well, if you have forgotten your password, you can withdraw your money from the BOP detailer through your daughter-in-law. If we do the verification then will we be part of this program or not? If it is true then you will continue to be a part of this program. If it is not true then you will be removed from this program because many women did not have children but when the survey was conducted they had their children. They had revealed that they had searched many children, when now the Nadra teams are sitting in the PSP office and filters are installed on the guards, whatever card is presented to them, a message is sent to them from 8171.

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