New program launched by government News Update 2024

New program launched by government 

is being done in which you will get help of Rs. 42000

Will be given if your name is included in this program

If you want to register then please refer to this

going to warn you about the full update

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The government is going to start a new program

In which all those people who are under 786 scheme

They were decided to be included through

Another program has also been started.

going in which you will be given a motorcycle

Will go with this for complete update Nigehban

In the ration program which is currently going on

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Handing over of Maahe Ramzan Ramzan Relief Packages

If you want to see the status of congratulation

happened and you haven’t been ehled yet

If you want to get it done then watch the video for this.

Approximately in between you will come across a number like this

I am going to make sure that you join me.

You can get your survey done by doing this but

You will have to listen to some answers because

I told you that the voice I have at this moment is my voice.

You might be hearing a sound inside this

perch is i have research pus which is

I called my friend Islamabad

If you have taken it through this then there is a lot of detail in it.

If you follow the program completely

But want to join these programs

Yes, you don’t want to listen to videos every day.

So that you can see things in this context again and again.

Even if there is no issue, you are safe and sound.

If you want to be Ahal then complete details in this

I am going to tell you more updates along with this.

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or his mother’s or any other woman’s

If the thumb is not visible then the payment will be made on your own.

How can you take this from the bank in your account?

Will also warn in detail about this and

Apart from this, another program has started

In that you get approximately 40 percent power.

Yes, she is paying her dues also.

You will be warned about updates 8171

How to register which is the right way

So that you get it done that way and the dynamic

The survey should also be conducted in the same manner so that the Our Fazals are from Bahawalpur and Karachi

Khoso and Haq Nawaz are from Faisalabad and

Latif Sahir is I think from Kamaliya that

Everyone, if there is a mistake in someone’s name somewhere

If it happens, all these people will forgive me.

I have taken my money, I have taken my installments

I have also been asked to get a survey done.

If yes then you can also get all this done

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View Let us tell you that the government

Suppose 33500 is being paid by 93 lakh people.

Kafa is going to increase to 1 crore

Program that is Unconditional Cash Transfer

Apart from this, additional cash transfer

Details of programs can also be seen in this video

You will be a part of this and it will be built on a solid foundation.

How to get involved and the big mistake

Where is it that you bathe and investigate

It takes three-four years, aren’t you Ahal

You are poor and entitled too.

Today’s new update inside Tali Wajaf

They will also include the poison like flame

Program mein shamu at nigehban ration mein

Shamu At Jo Hai or any ration program

join muff data program

Be it motorcycle scheme

If your name is first in it then

Full video for you to listen to

Will fall under the thumb of many more women

are missiles whose working causes their

The lines on the fingers and thumb

The special ends with that quote

How to take payment and get deductions

There are problems and it is easy money jazz cash

You will be informed about the latest updates and

How will the team come to your home and do your survey

Can happen at home also and apart from this Nadra

How to make your identity card at home

How will you get a health card and how will you get it at your home?

But how will you get payment after 3 years

Who has to get the survey done and who after 2 years

Have to get it done and these people should get all the surveys done

Even if you are rich, you should also get the survey done.

You can also join in this

There is no doubt about it because DG

Naveed Akbar himself has said that all the people

Get the survey done, now I will come to see them.

I will say again in detail that who just

If you haven’t liked the video till then, like and

Subscribe to the channel because like this

No channel gives you the information.

starting the great installment which is you get ₹5000000

Told me you are getting it but next time

The case is continuing in June and July.

It will happen but before that also in May

Maybe but now is the time, something like this

Giving date so that there is no confusion among people

yes because this is not the issue of our channel

The family exists because the government has said so.

That we pay this installment because something

Those families whose maximum income is Rs 15000

And their Kharaj caste is 25000.

Or is it 20000, which is a gap of 5000 from 10000

There is a family to fulfill his lack.

is paid under this program when

That family stands on its feet

If the survey is conducted again after 3 years

If they become nahal again then they

Not rejected from all schemes

Rather unconditional cash transfer i.e. cuffle

they are rejected from the program

And in the rest of the program promos he

According to her score Ahaliya is

The view remains intact if I keep my point.

If I do, this program has been close since 2008.

I am watching this program carefully first.

There was no record of door-to-door survey in 2009.

Hua black and white i.e. black and white

There was a slip and a token number was issued on it.

It was a very small slip i.e. 27

Million households were surveyed at that time

50 lakh people by their decision in 2011

That means, as a result of the survey, 25 percent of the people

Ko L Raker at that time was worth Rs 1000 Mahana and Rs.

Mobile sims etc given later 2019

There came a time when the NSR survey

At the time of Corona in every house, one year before Corona

Started again and also in 201516

It had started in 1516 and this time 35

NSR conducted survey of million households and

Out of which 93 lakhs are on SSA basis.

People were selected and remember that

It is being said from his side that 63

Questions are asked and the survey taker

Brother, I didn’t even know about this program.

What score will this guy get

Due to which he has an annual

The government and people according to the budget

scores every year if its

If he has the budget then he can provide it to the people till 35 PMT.

If the budget is less then it can be completed at 32

If the budget is less then it is done at 30.

If it is more then it does the example of 40.

This is how Wazir Azam is in Ramzan relief package

60 PMT people have been included

Nige Ban Ration Program 66 Lakhs in Punjab

People had to give to the family for that

If kept with 26 PMT then currently 93

The number will increase from lakh to 1 crore

Very soon, first discharge after 10 to 8 years

It used to be that there was a survey, so before that

Between NSR and Dynamic Survey

The gap between is four to five years.

Now the government has faced inflation among the people.

Looking at the situation, the survey was conducted after 2 years

And those families who are taking help

It is mandatory for them to conduct this survey after 3 years

There will be tehsil offices across the country.

650 are currently working where 80000

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