8800 Solar Registration | How To Apply Solar Panel Program 

8800 Solar Registration

A new program and a new code for its registration. Yes, you will be happy to hear this news and you will be surprised that a new program has also been launched by and immediately its registration, its eligibility check procedure, the new court has been fully issued for it. If you are going to tell, it needs your attention. If you pay attention, you can benefit by getting complete information about this program. If you are eligible, you can get huge assistance from the government, also a huge update for those who have Benazir cards or earlier got Ehsaas cards.so let’s proceed to the commentary. 

BISP Beneficiaries Join Nigehbaan Card

All the regular beneficiaries of the Income Support Program will now be able to join the Nigehbaan Card issued by the government, this is going to give you a very big breaking news, under which you can also be provided with an assistance of Rs. 12 thousand. In the same way, let us tell you about the Hemat Guard that it is only for special persons, that is, for disabled persons, and disabled persons are also considered by the government, whose disabled persons have become ID cards. It means registered disabled persons. Well, let’s share another breaking news with you that the Benazir Income Support Program agreement with State Bank of Pakistan has been finalized with six banks. Now women’s bank accounts should be opened. and through these bank accounts, all the aid money received from the Benazir Income Support Program will be provided, but this is the latest installment that is going to be taken from the 10th of the same month, which is the case of the Kafalat Program and the Educational Assistance Program. They will be provided to you only from the shops under the previous system.

Big News 8800 New Code Registration 

So here we are also giving you another big news that this time the installments of the sponsorship program and education scholarship program will be together like before and inshallah 10 From May you will start crediting people’s accounts and after that within the next 24 or 48 hours you will be able to receive your installment from the shops. A program of ration subsidy is being run from the utility store, you can also check your eligibility from there and along with this, you can also check your status regarding the dynamic survey from the 81 71 web portal. Towards our main update, let us tell you that Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has announced to give free solar panels to 50,000 families and the complete procedure to check the registration and eligibility of this program for giving free solar panels. Yes, now a new short code has also been released for this, it must have appeared on the thumbnail as well, it is also written in the title, so the new code that has been released for this is 800. Means 8800 on it, you will go to your personal registered SIM and write your ID card number in the message without dashes and send it


Then you will be informed about the eligibility of this program of free solar panels. Remember that These solar panels are going to be given to all those people whose electricity bill is less than one unit, so now send it to your ID card 800 and find out your eligibility. All the people who were issued Benazir cards or Ehsaas Kafalat cards will now be issued Nigehbaan cards by the government under which assistance of Rs. 12,000 will be provided. The Latest Updates of Thi Aj For More New Updates Subscribe to YouTube Channel Scale Meter Take Care of Yourself Give Us Permission Allah Did

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