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8800 BOP Solar System New Registration Procedure8800 BOP Solar System New Registration Procedure

8800 BOP Solar System New Registration Procedure:

 Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched a free BOP Solar Panel Registration Process for the people of Punjab. The registration is conducted through the branches of the Punjab Bank of Pakistan. As part of this scheme, eligible and deserving individuals will receive a three-kilowatt solar panel, including batteries and an inverter. To register for the BOP Solar Panels scheme, visit your city’s nearest Punjab Bank of Pakistan branch. Obtain the registration form for the solar panel program, complete it with your details and attach the necessary documents. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide to the registration process, required documents, and eligibility criteria, making the process easier for you.

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The Bank Of Punjab:

The Roshan Gharana Scheme is a monthly program that provides financial assistance to those who wish to participate in the Roshan Grammar program. To apply, applicants must visit the nearest Bank of Punjab, obtain information from a representative, complete the registration form, and submit it with a mandatory Rs.2000 challan. The application will be reviewed, and applicants will be given a loan to install a solar system, which can be repaid in a monthly lump sum. The scheme offers a chance to improve one’s financial situation and contribute to the development of renewable energy.

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8800 BOP Solar System New Registration Procedure

8800 Registration Process For The Solar Panels:

This will help you complete your registration and join the Solar Panel Scheme. All the procedures have been listed below.

  • Visit your nearest Punjab Bank branch.
  • Obtain the registration form.
  • Fill out the form with all the required information.
  • Attach the necessary documents.
  • Carefully review the form before submission.
  • Submit the form to the bank representative to complete your registration.

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Eligibility Criteria For Solar System:

Instead of stumbling around to find your eligibility information, carefully read some of the points below. If you fulfil these points, you can complete your registration process and get solar panel plates from the Bank of Punjab.

  • You must be a resident of Punjab.
  • Your identity card should be issued in Punjab.
  • Your monthly electricity usage should be between 100 to 300 units.
  • Original ID card.
  • Land ownership papers.
  • Copy of the latest electricity bill.

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Punjab Solar Panels Scheme Registration Form:

According to the latest Punjab Solar Panel Scheme update, submitting applications for new registration has restarted. Complete the process, and you can include it in the solar panel scheme instalment. You can download the BOP Solar Panels Scheme Registration Form online. Complete the form at home, attach the required documents, and submit it to your nearest Punjab Bank branch.

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Solar Panels Scheme Registration Process:

The government has introduced a free solar panels scheme for the people of Punjab. This initiative aims to alleviate the burden of electricity bills for low-income households, providing them with solar panels to enhance their quality of life. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has pledged to deliver solar panels to every underprivileged home, bringing light to places of darkness through the Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme. We will tell you to go to any nearby bank in Punjab and complete your registration process with all the information. Completing your registration process is made very easy by following these procedures.


The Bank of Punjab’s free solar panel program substantially benefits households consuming up to 100 units of electricity per month. This initiative is designed to ease the electricity crisis and lessen the financial burden on low-income families.The Solar Panel Scheme is a significant program for the people of Punjab. Under this initiative, each household will receive a three-kilowatt solar panel system, including inverters and batteries, providing a complete energy solution. Ensure you understand the registration and eligibility process to benefit from this scheme.


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