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8267 web portal

I hope all of you are well viewers who have received SMS from A2S7 i.e. the rest and have been informed about the payment that a certain amount in their account from 6000 to 12 thousand has been transferred so there are resources for those people how to check their money and from where they can do it. The app has been decommissioned from where you can check your money, just as you told us or you can check your money from which program it is coming from because people have applied for the mean program. 

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Code relevant program:

That’s all you told us that the procedure to follow is from A to Z, we have a short code that tells you about the relevant program. There is a benefit before that I request you so that all of you have a benefit but before that, I request you to press the bell icon button and click it. The message of the program is not there, but there are different programs available. You get a lot of them, then you get to know that the vehicle was applied, and then your ID card number is also written. It is necessary, this is not for someone to apply to the program, but it is known in this era, that if you send the problem number, then you will be included in this infectious program. This is completely wrong.

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 Connected to the Bank of Punjab BOP:

 It is to be informed that this court belongs to the Bank of Punjab and all the assistance running in the whole of Punjab, Baloch program, Benazir Kafalt program, Kisan Card, etc. are all connected to the Bank of Punjab BOP, so all the payments which The programs are given by Bank of Punjab and for this the shortboard and head are being used. Let’s talk about the sources. You can check any program in Punjab in the morning if you have registered now. You can check, and you will know which money is coming or not. For them, this is also a message from 267. For notification, there is a program like Kisan Card and Mazdoor Card, etc. All these are connected to the Bank of Punjab BOP. All members can check the program for the Bank of Punjab.

Payment check methods:

If you want to do it and if your balance is still zero, then when will it help in your account? First of all, viewers can check their payment in three ways. Viewers are the first method of message. Eligible people receive a message from 8267 and if you do not receive the message. There is no issue, not all the people need to receive the message due to some technical error on the part of Paisa 67. You may not receive the message even because of the wrong mobile number. 

Viewers are also people who are eligible but they have not received the message and their account has been credited, they have received their support and you do not need to worry about this if you have not received any message yet, one or two ways. The first message from Masjid Ate Ain Bus politics confirms that you should subscribe to this program and the second is when their account is transferred, then they are informed, and if you also receive two messages.

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 If it is already done, then get help from your nearest Bank of Punjab and viewers in this program, the other way to check is the list that has been issued by PDMA, you can find out your eligibility by doing one of them. If you don’t have this list, then get this list from your nearest Backf Punjab or the nearest staff who have made centers in the school or in any union where aid has been given. It’s just going to this extent of the Relate program, they have complete lists, take the list from your Grammy center and check your name in it and if your name is not included in the list, then the survey is done. In need of worry and if you do not receive the message that the registration has been completed, then you will get the assistance. There you will be told the details about your account balances.

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