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8267 SMS :

Let’s talk about what a dynamic survey is and how we can do it. Also, what I will talk to you about is the viewers talking about what is the dynamics survey and how you can do it. you have to go there, but before you go there, what are the things that you have that are necessary? if you are already registered or any of you at your home are registered and are not yet eligible, how to change your address, name, etc? If it is done, then they can do it. if you can do a dynamic survey for registration. 

Benazir Income Sports Program in your tehsil:

Benazir Income Sports Program in your tehsil You have to go there and keep these documents with you. Viewers, first of all, let us inform you that whenever When the program is started, the procedure of registration is told, but it is an NSER survey, according to which you are made a part of the program, so those who have Benazir Income. 

For those who have not registered themselves in the sports program, it has been a long time since they registered, meaning they have been under scrutiny for a long time, or those who are not qualified, it is requested that this registration, which is a survey, must be done.

These are the documents that you have, in which you have got your identity card, along with the form of your children, it is okay, viewers, you have to give all your information correctly and all the children you have with Nadera. 

Complete registration process:

You have to take the form without the form, you have to complete the registration, you will be eligible for it, and you will be included in all the programs. At the same time, let me tell you that different people have started receiving messages from Jo Hai 8267 and some people are also being told that they have received aid of 6 or 12 thousand in their account. So which people are going to receive this aid, and for which program the new code of has been issued, you will be fully informed about it.

I am going to tell you whether you can be registered through 82 lakhs or not, or the registration procedure in the program under which the assistance is being given, in very simple words.

You have explained to the people how you can apply and join these programs by doing your survey and becoming a part of this program. I have searched and shared it with you.

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