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8267 check online by CNIC

8267 check online by CNIC

Various people have started receiving messages from 82 67 and some people are also being told that the aid of 6 thousand or 12 thousand rupees has been received in their account, so this aid is going to be received by these people. You will be informed in full detail about the program for which the new code of 82 67 has been issued, whether it is available or not, or the registration procedure of the program for which assistance is being given. What is will be explained to you in very simple words and remember that people who have a good car can be a part of this program, so let’s move on to the details of our update, but before that, a small request.

Registration procedure of the program:

This means that the survey of NS is allowed accordingly, it is made a part of the new assistance program coming to you. It is requested of those people who have been under investigation for a long time or who have been sinned that if you want to do a new registration, then do a new registration, otherwise, you must do a dynamic survey. Many people ask about dynamics surveys. If you are wondering what is the procedure for conducting a dynamic survey, then we are telling you a very easy procedure to conduct a dynamic survey. Before going there, you have to make sure that you have these documents, the original identity of the spouse, the children’s certificate form, the electricity and gas of the household, and remember that if the woman is a widow, the husband dies. The widow’s identity card must be updated from Nadira.

After the divorce of the deceased, the relative’s identity card must be updated from Nadira. To register with the new person, visit the registration center in the police station in the relevant picture, after doing this process, God willing, you will not be made a new person in any aid program, nor will you be disqualified in the aid program. 

Eligibility for sponsorship program:

What can be done is if you are eligible for the following program, then you just have to go through the registration process to join each new aid program, after that you are convinced and you are in the aid. If you start meeting, then the sponsorship program goes to the sisters, then you just have to go through the registration process to join each new assistance program, after that, you become fully eligible and you also start getting assistance. If possible, along with the sponsorship program, many programs are running under which a lot of assistance is being provided to certain groups of people.

BA Himmat program:

Therefore, the BaHimmat program is also being run, so now many people are receiving messages from A2 Six Seven, that they have received assistance of 6 thousand or 12 thousand rupees in their account, these people receiving messages who I had my elder in the Pali Mat Elderly Program and he is getting a double of Rs. The remaining balance may have been deposited in your payment account. By sending a message to this short court or by sending your ID card, if you do not register, viewers should also update you regarding the Ehsaas Ration Real program. And regarding the case CD of 4500 rupees, there are repeated comments from people that bro, when will it be registered, has a new code has been issued for it or not, so let’s keep updating you in this regard. 

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Ration Rahe program 2 thousand rupees which was being registered through 81 Tez was completely closed, will do something about it. There is also some wrong news going around, but no new code has been released regarding this program, please wait a little bit, as soon as the new registration process is completed, we will inform you through the same channel. You will like the video as much as in today’s video

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