Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
8171 Zero Balance Error Update8171 Zero Balance Error Update

8171 Zero Balance Error Update 

The 10500 rupees has already started, but the biggest and most important problem is still there. The problem of 10,500 rupees has also been solved, the payment of 10,500 rupees is also being shown to a large number of people. Those who are not getting the show, should they also go to receive their payment. The new portal of 8171 has also been updated. While the children’s allowances have been received with the payment, the children’s allowances will be received in the examined and ineligible persons. The big and important news of this time is that finally the installment of Rs.10500. It has been seen that a payment of 10500 rupees has been shown to a large number of people, but there are also half the number of people who have shown a zero balance. Whenever they were checking their money, their balance Then there were also some people who went to withdraw money, so there was also their balance journey. We will provide you with the complete details but first of all let us tell you whether the children’s stipend has been issued along with the May payment of 10500 rupees.

Children Stipends Update 

Let me tell you clearly, the government has decided not to give children’s virtues with payment this time. In the same way, a large number of people are also asking whether the payment is being provided from Campside or Cento, so will the ATM be restored this time because we receive money from the ATM We used to do it and we used to go to Basani Mill, we didn’t have to face any problem there, so now it has become easier here too, because there are not so many problems at the cabsite and centers, so if the ATMs were restored, we would still If the payment was received from the ATM, then let us clear it. The government has decided to run the payment of Rs. 10500 from the camp side so that the deduction is minimal and the update regarding the ATM is that the government side This case is going on from April to June, it will not be provided to you even from the ATM, but it is being issued to you from the centers and from the camp side. What will be the money of people and incompetent people? Let us tell you. If they check, they are currently being checked, so what do they have to do? They have to wait. The problem of checking them from June to July will be solved by the Benazir Income Support Program. Qualifying will also be done in the same way now moving to our main topic which is zero balance showing zero balance in large numbers every time one checks their payment and when they go to collect. Even then, they are getting such a portal display and when they take the payment, it is also showing there, so now the problem of these people has been solved. And we are also telling you that two fees have been created. One fee that has been created is that the payment of 10500 rupees is being shown regularly. 

Payment Start In Some District

These people do not know that zero balance is being shown. They are telling you that the zero balance is not being shown there, but the installment of 10500 rupees is being shown to them and they are getting it, so they are telling you their names, please note this, Punjab KP. And all the districts of Sindh are going to tell you about the reform of Punjab, Gujranwala, Gujranwala, Narowal, Mandi, Bahadin, Hafiza, Bad, Sialkot, Sahiwal, Okada, Pakpattan, Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, Jhelum, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Bakhar Vihari, so these are the zaras of Punjab, where the tax of Rs. 10500 should be paid. It has been in the same way Sindh Arms Karachi Central Karachi South Karachi East Karachi West Korangi Kemari Malir Hyderabad Here also a Qas of 10500 Rupees is being run in Pakhtunkhwa Khyber District Haripur Peshawar Chasta Mardan Nowshera Swabi Mansehra Upper Chitral Lor Chitral Apardi Lor The Bajaur, Malakand, Kohistan, Bitgram, Swaad Shagla, Abbottabad, Puneer Ahmed, where the Qas show of Rs. 10500 is also being conducted and is being run, so this is the first phase. One payment is being distributed through Campside and they are also showing when the portal of 8171 is updated in the same way as the rest of the districts in which the second phase will start, their payments will be updated at that time. It will go on 21st to all the people with the second phase, a one way portal will be updated and the Qas of 10500 rupees will also be shown. You don’t need to worry. 

First Phase Start

First phase is going on. That’s why Payments whose names have been given to you are being processed only in the reform. The rest of the weapons will also start working after the 21st because the government has said that if the payment of all the other people were also made to 10500 rupees, they would take one from one. People would have gone to other districts, even if the payment had not been made, there would have been a tortel and people would have been very worried because of the rush. If the people get the second payment, which is from the second phase, then it will be distributed. All the weapons of South Punjab are also included, so the payment will be made there in the second phase as well.

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