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8171 Web portal registration 2024

The new policy of the government has come. Now the registration for 2025 is being done as many families have registered so far. So, viewers, I am going to give you an update regarding the Benzair Income Support Program, in which you will be told the complete procedure of how you can get the new registration form for the Benzair Income and the program. How can you do semi and survey better or is it better to register or is there any code through which people can apply also we will tell you how to support people through D9 and D6 regarding Dub96. 

What is being done and the main purpose of this code will also be discussed in this video, but before that, I have a small request from your friends, if you are new to the channel, please subscribe and watch the video till the end. So that you can understand the whole thing.

Program towards Banzir:

When you understand the whole thing, then you will be eligible to take money from the program towards Banzir. You are new, The government has to update the policy regarding this too. If you have filled out this form. No, if you don’t update this survey, then you will not get people’s money, so what is the registration form that is being given to you and what is the purpose of providing it? will be shared with and at the same time let me also tell you that now you have to do this work also, you have to add the names of two family members as well. 

Also, if you add the names of people here, it will also be of great benefit to you people, that is also what we are going to discuss in this video, and many of us have told the families to correct their mistakes. When you correct your mistake and don’t make a mistake, no one will take you out of the unregulated income support program. You will continue to take money here without worrying about the weak program, but for this, it is necessary that you What needs to be improved, and what is the right way, the government of Pakistan has made a new policy for many families. We tell them that this policy is right, and according to it, apply here from now on. Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz have appeared in the Income Spot program.

Program started by Shahbaz Sharif:

Now the program started by Shahbaz Sharif and the program started by Maryam Nawaz’s demi, the difference is that Maryam All the programs that Nawaz wants to start are at the provincial level, but the rest of the programs that Shahbaz Sharif will start and all those who live inside Pakistan can apply and they benefit here. According to the new policy of the program, the new registration is being done on 24th and 2025. They will also tell you which boys are necessary for this and other good news for you. 

Now you are given a form and this form is necessary for you. But MC is also made and the chances of you people’s Alani increase, so I will also give the rest of the details, but before that, let me tell you about 96, double on behalf of many families. Regarding Line Q, we were asked to tell us how people can be checked on 96. From Qatar 81, Biscly only sends messages to people and tells them that they are eligible for the Gasoline Income Support Program.

How to fill form?

Your name is registered there and you are acting there. Your status is showing as active. That you will get money here or you will get money in the program, so the first thing you have to do is that you have to check the status of your job. If you forward a message here, you will see two types of message-up people here. Those who are rich and have more money in Delzb know it, but those who are poor do not know why this is double 96. Because now it is in double we belong to the government, which is also present in all Pakistanis in the whole of Pakistan and whose name is included in this list, then he is not included in the aid programs, so all in it. Before I tell you the method of checking your name, the viewers have to write your name in the message and their name in the message. 

Complete process:

You can work through mobile, you have to write here ALD and after that, you have to give a space and after that, you have to enter the number from CLA which is available here and in between. You have not given the space etc. and you do not have to put any dash etc. in the middle, so I will show you by writing the ID card number here as an example. How should you write it? You will write in ART upstart and after that, you will give a small space, one space is enough, you don’t need to give two spaces and after that, you have to put the entire CHC number.

 In which you don’t have to put any signature, etc., no one, etc., don’t write with me, only you write the CNIC number and nothing else, and after that, you have to do a small task, double nine doubles, mark it. When you send it, you will get two types of messages, the first message will tell you that your name is included in this list and the final one is if you are a filer of FB Army and the name is included in it. If there is, then forget the money, then you people will not get money, if your name is not included in this list, then you can get money, and then your people’s name can be included in the business program.

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