8171 Survey Ehsas program Update 2024

8171 Survey Ehsas program Update

I am going to inform you about the complete update. When is the registration of these programs started by the government and who can apply for it, I am going to inform you with the complete update. If you haven’t received your money yet, I am going to inform you about the complete details. 8171 SMS service means registration has also been started. Weaver installment of Rs. 10500 will be started from next Monday. The families and households who are eligible for Benazir Income Support Program Zaat Aizaz Ka Faal and Benazir Faal are being credited to their accounts and full payments will start from Monday. On the other hand, let me tell you what are the problems. A friend was talking the day before yesterday. There is a vehicle in their name or the land is computerized in their name and they have fixed houses. is also being nailed by the government, but the weavers whose names I have just mentioned, these people want to be eligible, then they can be eligible.¬†

Families Status Update 

It is assumed that all such families and households whose status is under verification are being transferred to their accounts and will be able to collect their payments from Monday onwards. I will remain but they will not have their money. Their money will have been paid to them through their bank accounts in the installment starting in July and December. Asif Ali Zardari has been emphasizing on his behalf and it has been said that we will give relief to as many women as possible and to such poor families who are actually entitled to it. And had a meeting with Bilawal Bhutto and in the meeting it was decided that more and more poor people should be included in this program. The money is being deposited in the accounts and the stipends for the children of all these people are also being added. The government is working on the ration program which will be officially launched in Agasmi. Till now the government has not released if in the coming days or months such an application link or code will be given then you will be informed that there are ration program shops which you will get through OTP. Ration was being provided, which we were calling targeted subsidy in other words, under the Ration Red program, you can be given 20 or 3 thousand rupees by the government. You will be able to take three installments of 12,000 throughout the year. 

Who Are Disqualified 

This is a government update. Let us tell you that such families and families who have traveled abroad or have been spending more than 1,000 balance on their mobile phones. This is that if you have been disqualified by the government for this reason, you may still be eligible, but for that you will have to go to your nearest office and file a complaint. From 10 journals which are Sania Nishtar which is during the regime of Imran Khan, she was running the program at that time and this lamp was placed during her period, who are government employees will be considered as the Nile for this program of the government of that time. There was a decision but the later government under the leadership of Shazia Murree while running the chairperson program of Benazir Income Support Program, they also neglected the government employees, it was decided that the beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program Among the families who are working in the government of Punjab, they are related to a family, so that family will not include their wife or any relative of the family for this program, but the rest of the foreign traveling motorcycle owners. Or in addition, all those grazing were eliminated, but the people who were surveyed later, but the new people of that time were not qualified by the government later, Sindhli people were qualified. 

Those Who made Complaint 

Those who have made their complaints i.e. complaints or re-services etc. will remember that Nice Surveys are going on at the moment of the drama and that will also be done through Camp Science. Many viewers also tell us that your video is not correct. One of the reasons for this is that the video that is being recorded right now is not correct. If you will hear after a year, then of course you.This is current affairs it, it also has dates, so maybe you are thinking it wrong at that time, there is nothing like that. The updates from the government’s end are conveyed to you verbally. 

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