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8171 Rs 25000

8171 Rs 25000:

Has the government updated that the Benazir Income Support Program Ehsaas Ka Balan Program has recommended giving more importance to the people in the written program? I am the most important thing; I will tell you the details of it further and they must be listened to by the people who have life.

 How can you qualify even new people can be important now. We have discussed that the government has recommended the budget regarding the Benazir Income Support Program. It has also been announced to protect the beneficiaries through the cash transfer program on electricity terror. 

There is a new update, along with this, 530 billion rupees are going to PISP next year, along with the instructions of the government to use the data of people registered in VISP for Target Tha Khandi. It is enough to increase the number of BISPs and increase the stipend. There is going to be an installment of up to 15 thousand rupees.

SMS to 8171:

There have been reports of increasing the installments of the Hazar program, so these are all important updates that will be given to you by the government in June, July, and Hijab through the new program and Benazir Income Support Program’s Coffee 71 emergency catch. you can check how to join the program. On the other hand, let us tell you that by sending an SMS to 8171, you can call Eloch from home. Bragan is going on in stages. 

That is, if the 105 and Rs. 105 have not started, then I will give you a zero balance and you will also have L and the border will be telling you to do the survey. If it goes, then you will reach the final reserve, and whatever your result will be final for you, so now we request all people to get your dynamic service done. 

Children’s education scholarship program:

The current one which is going on in a phased manner in Islam because many curiosities are related to Marjan Easy in the comments of the up and zero balance and our installment of the second one has not been received. 

Remember that what is going on at the moment, is all the people have got it, according to the information of the government about 95 lakhs, those who are ineligible or those who are eligible are being given benefits, but here there are two types of matches. One is the people who are already new who were not even getting money because they were getting money once, but they were not getting money regularly.

At the same time, contribute to the Ehsaas Kafal program, and give respect to the emergency cash ration programs, and the children’s education scholarship program, those people have just been released after conducting the current survey, the blood case, this one is coming to them next month, July, September, whatever they are. 

The banking system and facilities:-

They will not get it and remember that the government and Rubina Ghalib who has become the new banker are ensuring that this program is very much emphasized to introduce the banking system and therefore started installment payments. So that I have to minimize it behind and within the banking system six banks have been included for the system and the MoU has been sealed with Benazir Income Support and not the people’s banks.

 Whenever facilities are found in the form of an application, the problem of not being found and not being found will not become a problem so that those who sit at home all the time can find it easily, then tell the viewers that what is checked is of three types, one is a trap. 

In the examination, people are not eligible to use, even if they are submitted again and again, they do not get money. If you belong to the UC category, then you must mention in the comments that the examination of this category in which people do not have money.

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