8171 Registration Process And Eligibility Criteria 2024

8171 Registration Process

BISP Registry, you are not eligible for the sponsorship program, why this message? Who will be seen, who will be seen and why it will be nailed, I will tell you all the details of the method and many people are seeing the message of this method, what is the solution, for the full details of the method, let me tell you people that these people are receiving the last installment, after that you will not get Kesar, why not? I will tell you that too. First of all, if you are facing this problem. That your registration in dynamic registry which has been registered but is being checked, You can see that many people whom I have told the method have received the amount of the Ramadan package that was run before. If you have not received it yet.

How To Collect Payment 

You can contact any of your Habib Bank You can collect this amount from the payment center or by going to the payment center on Bankel. This way messages are still available to people or when they check the amount, they see the amount if they have not received the amount. If you have done it, then ignore this message, then you don’t need to ask and let me tell you that this money was going in the Ramadan package. I told you and what happened after that, see here what is the registration process of Hemat Guard, those who used to get 6000 rupees, now you will get 7000 rupees. I have told you that there are two or three videos posted on it, you go to my channel, go to videos, there you will find videos, how you want to register in it, if you still mean these videos. If you don’t understand, if you want to see the new video, then you have to write good in the comment below this video so that I know what you guys want to watch the new video after. The method was told that you have been registered and their installment was not being released. When I told them the method, the amount they have now is 26,000. Some people have 24,000.

8171 Registration Process
8171 Registration Process

BISP Payment Received By Stepwise

You can receive it stepwise as the second step is started in the second step or in the first step your name is included and your money has been released then you can receive your money but first you need to apply here only. Eligible people used to see their money, but now they don’t see their money. Let me tell you why this will be your last case because after the 30th, those who have not completed the survey, those who are already eligible are receiving money, the money they have will be stopped. After that, no installment will be given to them if they do not conduct the survey, if they do the survey, then the installment or payment they have will be released to them, otherwise, what they have will not be released in the next case. And the next case will be fodder for those people who were under scrutiny earlier and did not get the money. Like the video and write nice under the video so that you can also be eligible, many people have been qualified 98 percent and if you are still there then you have to write nice here and zero balance. 

Zero Balance Error 

I told you that the problem of the people is that the problem of Zero Palace is faced by these people. It shows zero balance there because the marla they have is the third one, if they go to the second stage in the first marla to get the money, then they will not get the money they have or they have just qualified. It is going on now and they have qualified, even then they will not get this case, they will get it in the next installment. The people who have been eligible or those who have been eligible before the installment is getting this case, you are not getting the case because the installment was running. The next episode is that you will get it. You don’t need to worry and you can see here that all the people who were under verification now check your status here and see them there. It is known that you have been registered in the denim registry and you are eligible for this redemption program, so you can also check your amount by going to Google and there is 8171.Go to dotpisp.jiovydtpk and check your balance.

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