Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
8171 Portal update Payment8171 Portal update Payment

8171 Portal update Payment 

If you have not received money yet, then you must do this work. If you do not do this work, your money will also be stopped from next month. Yes, there is a big update from the government that all those people who will not meet all the terms and conditions of Up Benazir Income Support Program will be removed from this program within the next one or two months. If you will be expelled, then you must not make this mistake, you must do this work. Going forward, we also tell you the complete method and along with it, share it with more big updates, especially regarding ATM. How long will you be able to receive your payments from the ATM and how long will you be able to get the money from the ATM and there is news regarding the amount of assistance of Benazir Kafalat program is also going to be increased? I am also sharing the complete details with you.

Increase BISP Payment 

It has been said that the government has also given an indication to increase the amount of stipend of the Benazir Kafalat program. The amount of assistance will be increased very soon and it is also mentioned that in the budget which is going to be presented in June, the budget will be presented with a special increase for the Benazir Kafalat program and this additional budget will be presented. Along with this, inshallah you will see an increase in the assistance amount of the installment of Benazir Kafalat program. It will definitely be added, if it is confirmed in June, we will tell you through our same channel, God willing, in the next two or three videos, after confirmation, this news will also be confirmed. A lot of people have also asked questions about when the new banking system will be introduced and when will we start getting these installments from the ATMs? No news has come out regarding the new banking system and it has been said that, God willing, efforts will be made for the next installments to introduce the new banking system, before that the Campside system is also in front of you. Earlier, installments were received at the shops, deductions were made, but there was no danger to people’s lives, but deductions are also a nuisance and a great effort has been made by the government to eliminate them. These installments will be given to the people, but due to the slowness of the system and heavy rush, the beneficiaries face a lot of problems and now there is only one solution to remove these problems, that of the people. 

8171 Portal update Payment

BISP Beneficiary Accounts Opens

And the accounts of the beneficiaries should be opened, not their accounts, the payments should be transferred and whenever they want, they can get their installments from the nearest bank branch, so the solution is to introduce a new banking system and very soon, inshallah. Dear, the new banking system will also be introduced and we will definitely update you very soon, inshallah, as to when you will be able to withdraw through the ATM. People who have not received money yet, what should they do now that their installments should be released and they should also be included in this program? First of all, there are such people. Those who have not yet registered themselves in the dynamic registry or have not completed their first survey, from where will people get the test when they have not been registered, then such people should register themselves. Similarly, people who have registered but due to various reasons they have been disqualified in this program or are stuck in the verification, well the only solution for all people is that you should visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office as soon as possible.

Check Account Status

Check your account status from there and also if you can have a dynamic survey, then you must get it done because the dynamic survey is done within two years, but a dynamic survey is only after two years. If the second dynamic survey is done, then you must check it from your nearest office and get your survey done again. The only situation is that you have to do the survey again. You will definitely be included in this program and you will also be released in installments every three months and the health of the children will be taken care of and in the same way people will be made zero. The portal is being updated, so you don’t need to worry, it will be delivered very soon and the second phase of the rest of the episode is going to start very soon.Their waiting hours are coming to an end.

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