8171 portal Punjab |The process of payment has also been started

8171 portal Punjab :

The information that we have brought for you is about how the public application can be online from the home of the dynamic registry without registration. So, these are all the details. We are going to take you through all the information. In this way, we have already informed you about which operations you can do this, but the purpose of making a guideline again is that Friends are newly connected, in this post of ours, let them also get educated with us, they should also know how to use the public application.

The process of payment has also been started:

I hope you are all well You are requested to keep in mind while receiving your installment that you are receiving your full amount. Finally, what was awaited has become the date and the process of payment has also been started and Chief Salaf has not yet done anything on behalf of the government. It is happening, but some people are also having issues with the previous payment.


Why is it happening that two different emts are showing up? If you are new to the channel, then you have to share with them, so whatever updates you get from the same channel, the important news of this time is that the new second guest of Rs. 10500 has been played. It has gone but now the second gate is starting, and the second type is also going to be received by you. In the past few days, there was also an error of 109 on the devices. 

Previous pending payment:

The previous pending payment could not be processed at that time, for this reason only after the new payments are made, the previous stalled PMT will also be processed and now the new payment will also be issued due to the different government. Who is being run on the campuses and centers and those who go to receive their payment should first check their ID card numbers themselves.

 If the car does not come, you should check with someone you know who has internet access For those who don’t know the procedure, after watching this video, you can also go there and check your money. This payment is not being processed by the vendors.

Forms have also been allocated, and now strict monitoring will be done by different teams of the government, because before this, the retailers used to adopt a duplicitous policy and delayed the operation of PM2, so what was left was the women. If they used to be spared, they would not be distributed tickets, now this will not be the case, all the people who run these payments have been given a task by the government. Also read:

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Total of 20 districts of Punjab:

This payment will also be distributed with full payment and strict supervision. The process of payment has been started from today. A total of 20 districts of Punjab are included, in which three installments cannot be run yet. While it has been started in the rest, in the same way, the arms of Karachi, Sindh are included in the total arms, in the same way, around 24 districts of KPK are being formed, including the arms of Balochistan.

And it is being told about registering for the survey on the portal, so such people should check their eligibility first. You can go take it from Rawalpindi to Mandi Bahawaltar, totaling 30 lakhs in the Punjab region, Abadi Okada in Pahari Hafizabad, Khushab Mandi Bahauddin Gujranwala Gujarat Narowal Sahiwal Jhelum Sialkot Attock Pakpattan Chakwal Bakhar Sargodha 

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