8171 portal online Payment Check By CNIC 2024

8171 Portal Online Payment Check By CNIC

I will tell you that you can use your online money. How can you check whether you have been qualified in this program or not? I will tell you practically how to check your ID card. The things I am going to share with you, God willing, apart from the money that is coming, when will it come and how much and on what date will the payment of the children also come or not or the money that is coming? Will you meet or not all these things InshAllah I am going to share what I have with you and I will also tell you how to update the roster as many women as I want to do again.After that, they have become new or women who have done their survey for the first time but they have failed in it, now how can they join this program again. Yes, but before that, all the friends here who are new to my channel, I request them to subscribe to the channel, if you like the video, please like and comment. Friends, Ehsaas Kafalat Program, Benazir Income Support Program and from the government. 

Rostar update 

First of all, how to do the roster update. Well, if you want to do your survey again, you have the right to do so. Masha Allah she is not right and she has gone to abuse you. Whoever has done your survey has rejected you, so you can go and get your roster updated again. You have to go to the office of the Independent Income Support Program. If you cannot go, take your husband or one of your children with you. And they can be re-enrolled in the program or just for those women who have done the survey and they’re tired of the program. The women had money, brother, who is getting the money, will they get it from the ATM, after that, why are the children’s payments not being received? Are their children properly educated or not? You know that people used to educate their children with the first app, that is why the payments of some women’s children have been stopped. Some women have this reasoning that their name is on their ID card and their children’s bay form, but their ID card number is not there. The payment has been stopped because of this. Okay, so first of all, go to Nazra and make the way form for your children. Make it in the form, then it will be updated, after that, go again to the office of Benazir Income Support Program and get your biometric done. Ok, so this is the problem and there were messages from a lot of women saying, bro, what is the ATM, will it be the hair, so this time, the ATM is not being restored, because the one that is in June, when was it supposed to be started? 

13 May New Payment Update 

Now he said that on May 13, we will start the program in 105 SKK and along with the payment of the children of quarter four, we will also add the program. Women who have joined or are currently being checked for enrollment will also be able to receive their payment on May 13.They will have to wait for what they have up to the month of June, inshallah their payments in the month of June will be cleared because it is not up to them, what is above is starting in June, so inshallah their payments will also be cleared. They also don’t need any tension, they have also joined this program. Okay, so now I will tell you the main thing. I have also told you the ATM balance of Star Update. Regarding the payment, I have also informed you, that is why the payment of your children is not received, if these documents are still complete, even though the payment of your children is not received, then the school attendance of your children is not received. It is applied. Well, they are absent from school, so because of this, your children’s payments are not being received, so this can also be a reason for not taking your children’s payments. How do you check your ID card? Now I will take you to the screen of my mobile phone. I received messages from many women yesterday, brother, tell me how to check your ID card. You can do it on 8171, so it is mandatory for you to make a video. Inshallah, I am making this video on the same topic. I will tell you how to check your ID card. They will have to check your ID card or They can check the check id card, biphone number or they can check your husband’s id card and find out from their registrar. What is that is to check ID card 8171 botal and how will you know whether you are eligible for this program or not or you can also check your status by working on the helpline number. So let’s go to the search on your mobile screen, here you have to write 8171 web portal. OK, you have to write something like this. 

8171 Web Portal Update 

The interface will be shown in front of you. The support program is written and it is written below. It is also written in Urdu. Well, here you have to click on this portal. As soon as you click, there is something like this interface in front of you. After completing the survey and want to check your own ID card, first of all you have to write your ID card here. The code is given. It is given in the picture. Enter the code. It is right. Here the code has to be added. You can check it. You have to write what is below here and then fill it. What you have to do is find out here, you have to click on find out, as soon as you click on it, an interface like this will be shown in front of you, whatever the status of your ID card will be shown in front of you. It will show if you are eligible for this program or if you are not registered then it will show the same status you have. Now you want to get the survey done again, brother, you have done it in the dynamic registry, after that you don’t check your card, what have you done? You have to write the ID card of your husband here in the same way, below you have to give the I-code in the same way, after that you have to click on find as soon as you click The status of your husband will be shown in front of you, if his examination continues.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Update 

Then he will pay your payment for this Ehsaas Kafalat program next, if you tell him about it there. It is said that you are not eligible for Ehsaas Kafalat program, then you will not get the next gas, whether it starts in May or June. If you get it, then you will get the children’s payment, which is your payment, you will not get it, so you check your status like this. Tell me the link, I will also give you in the description of the website, if you do not want to open it, then you have to click on this link and the website that is in front of you will open and it will be yours. You can check your ID card, you can check your children’s form, so you will know whether you are eligible for Ehsaas Kafalat program or not. I have shown you that all the women who are on my channel must share this video so that all the women who do not want to check the card can do it on this website. If you are under verification then how can you check your status then what you have to do is to call their helpline number. You have to ask about your status, they will tell you whether you will come with the next one or not or you will be rejected. Well, this is a very easy method.

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