8171 Portal Online Payment Check By CNIC Number 2024

8171 Portal Online Payment Check By CNIC

I hope you will be good friends with the Ehsaas Program Benazir Income Support Program and all the poor friends programs. Friends, the topic that I will discuss with you, the topic that I will tell you about, the title of this topic is the upcoming episode, the price of 10,500 rupees. How and when will it come and along with it there is a 8171 web portal from , you people will be given guidance about it. 

Collect Payment 

We request them to collect their installments so that they can continue to receive their payments without any problem because next they are going to the capeside and the payments will be made at the campside. Before you receive your installment so that you continue to receive your payment without any problem and you do not have any kind of problem, after that I will tell you the date of re-verification. has not been extended, I tell you first that there is no authentic thing in it, that means whatever news is given, it is taken from the confirmed ones seen up to this time, although it contains denials. It may change but still may extend the date but according to the information so far it is as per the sources confirmed to us 31. Sorry the date beyond 30th June has not been extended so your re-verification which Yes, it will be date extended, so you must do re-verification, without verification, your payment will never be subject to you. This is DGCCIT Naveed Akbar sir, this is his announcement. 

Survey Date Update 

That was just before they did the survey in 2011, after that 20 now they are doing it in 24, sorry in 21, after 10 years they still produced this one plane, that means this one that would have come like this. The law has been passed that after every three years there will be a survey, it will be seen that those who have been stable in the past will be removed from this program and new beneficiaries will be added in their place. If it is done, then it will be a survey after every three years, so try to make the verification of Benazir Income Support Program Ehsaas Kafalat Program mandatory so that you can get your payments without any problem. Let them continue to meet and you continue to benefit from it, so now we are coming to our topic, the topic which is mine today is the case of 10 thousand 500 rupees. It will be given on the camp side. How will it be given on the camp side? In the previous video, I have told you in detail what are the things and how, and through which channels you will be given the payment. Let me tell you one thing, this time the payment is going to cluster, in some districts the cluster will come first, in some areas the cluster will come later, so your payment can start from May 13. It can go upto 24-25 dates, between them your cluster which is Punjab will be cleared and you will get your payment InshAllah, so this thing was one telling you 10 thousand five hundred rupees. The payment method of the case will be paid. The procedure of payment and after that let me tell you that this time what is cluster wise will come in the law and there will be full focus on that from the deduction. 

Complaint Update 

If you can get the complaint payment, then some reforms will come, then those teams will work in the district with a new energy, which will stop the cuts, and the different teams that are there will be at the centers of your people. Cooperation: If you will be there for cooperation with people, then this procedure was 105 rupees, and this means that it will be clusterized, so I have told you about it. What is the 8171 web portal and how will it be managed and what does it mean, what is the process and what will happen? 8171 will be given, the web portal will be updated on it, as soon as you enter your ID card number, your payment will be shown in front of you, that your payment has been received and that you are the nearest to you. You can receive the payment from the sector or camp side, and the version that you received earlier will be updated as soon as you enter your ID card. The old payment which is shown is what is shown, now your new payment will be shown. be updatedAnd you people will be told what is about it and if it means plate, then you can check what is on the portal by correcting your ID card and calling the person who made your payment. 

BISP New Version Update 

Can this new version come out in which the eligible women will be included in this program and the status of those who will be included in this program should also be updated. One more thing that I had to discuss with you guys was the re-verification, ladies, they have become new. There is nothing in this department, this date keeps going back and forth, the thing is confirmed, but it keeps going behind the data, now there are chances that even those who have got nailed will get it after June if not permanent. The account should be done by the people who have it and also by whom should it be given to Jacob and not only those who have been registered in the portal and who are eligible as soon as they check up on the web portal. The payment will be in their accounts inshallah inshallah this time and they will get the payment.

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