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8171 portal 2024

8171 portal 2024

The women who are being verified, what is happening to them, who are being verified, and who are the officials of our Benazir Income Support Program or at the utility store. What has been done in the hospital, has the survey been done and after that what has changed in his status? When will we be eligible or not eligible and how long is our wait? So if you are among such people, then this is for you people. The final thing will be after cross-examination that yes, People know that I keep giving you all the new updates about the Benazir Income Support Program, the people who have been checked, these are such people, what is their?

PMT score:

Yes, it is less than 32. Now what happens whenever you go for the survey, after that the decision is of two types, one is that if your score goes above 32. So what happens to you, what is your status when you check on the 8171 portal, it says what are you? Nine people have crossed over to Redland, so we don’t think about them. becomes it becomes less than 32 when their score becomes less than 32 what is the status they go they go into verification their status goes into verification so it doesn’t mean or under verification It does not mean that they will be eligible for this program.

Then what happens after that, after six, the first thing that happens is who does your data go to NADRA, then it is regularly checked in NADRA that their names.

NADRA profiling:

What are the things and then when that data is cleared from NADRA then what is it called NADRA profiling is complete when NADRA profiling is completed after that the data is immigration Now the immigration department checks whether there is any passport holder in the family or not. Then you know that it is complete, when the NADRA profiling is complete, after that the data goes to the immigration department.

 Yes, if one of the husband and wife is a passport holder, then that family tract is nullified. Separation means that as long as the app is located, it is not in the app, then you are connected like a bond and you cannot be separated even if you want. Yes, it goes to the Exercise and Taxation Department, where it is checked that it is a department of Grammar, one goes to the bank,

Bank balance check: 

Then the accounts in your bank are checked and the transactions are also checked. It is done that yes, how many transactions are happening and how many are not happening and what happens after that. The uploads used are also regularly data-checked to see how much is used. If it is balanced and doing post-ration then the points will be included in your score and then when your data is cleared it goes to the land record department. In the land record department, it is checked there that what is their name, whether is there a plot in their name, is there a house in their name, is there a bungalow, whatever the things, they are checked from there by the land record department.

Confirm whether you are a taxpayer or not.

After getting cleared, the family file which is your data goes to FBR and it is checked in FBR whether there is any taxpayer in the family or not. A taxpayer is a person who is on the list of FBR and is paying taxes to the government. If they were in the taxpayer list of FBR, then we have included them in the previous phase, so it is also checked in FBR whether they are up-filers or non-filers, so this whole system is also checked in FBR. If you are cleared from there, what happens after that, your data goes to the government department, where it is checked whether there is a government employee in this family or not.         

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