Mon. May 27th, 2024
8171 Online New Qist Check8171 Online New Qist Check

8171 Online New Qist Check

I am going to tell you guys about five updates. The first one is good news for you guys. How is it good news because I was your child before? He also kept telling you people what we will do with their payments, which is the first week, we will release them, but what happened to you people, you did not believe, they have already released, I will tell you who. There are children who will get payment, who will get the payment now, along with Daniya. I am going to tell you about the second number who are women with Niyal. I am going to tell you about those whose status is being checked and on the fourth number, he has been there for the last eight to 10 months to go and collect his payment, but his status is that he is eligible. And their payment is still not showing on the portal, so I am going to tell them whether they will get this installment or not, besides those who are worried about 938, who are still worried, they are also sure. No, it does not matter whether our payment will be paid this time or not, so I am also going to tell them the details in this video. What will all these people get, they will get rid of these problems, they should also listen to this video and tell those people who are facing these problems and what is happening because of it, they should stumble.

Good News Who Done Their Survey 

First of all, I am going to give you good news, I am going to give you bad news. What we have done, what we have done, what we have done, we have released it, now these are the children who have to get what quarter payment they have to get Q4 2023 payment for the month of October, November and December, this is the payment. This is the payment of water for four children. We have done my lease in two phases. First we have leased for those children whose verification was done by March 20. Then what we did was on March 22. The payment of the children had been released and what were they doing in April? did not get a children’s stipend, so after that I told you people in this video that your stipend is not going anywhere, it is your right, it is your children’s right and you should get it. I also said that what we have done till April 30 is what we have asked our employee to do to complete the verification of the children as soon as possible so that what we can do is to give stipend to the parents. What happened to the children whose verification was completed till April 30?

Children Stipends Update 

His children’s stipend was not received, his stipend has been released and on 13th May when he will go to collect his stipend, he will also collect his children’s stipend. The method will be updated, I have already told you people, there will be a total payment show of your people, from there you can check and anyway, our payment system has also changed, when you go there now. What will happen to you people, the representative will first write your total payment on a slip and then send you inside, so leave the worry that yes, how will we know that it is our children? They have been making claims since yesterday. Yes, let us first check the children’s money, then I will tell you only that. So that you guys don’t fall prey to any fake news, besides, people whose code was 938, I have already said to these people, now I am saying again, what should we do with the codes they had? They have already opened it and when they go to collect it from the 13th table, they will get their previous installment, this will also be received, and people who have paid the previous payment will also get it. There were a lot of people who couldn’t get their payment due to some difficulties, so they will get the previous version as well. There is no need, besides, women whose status is like this, when they check on the portal that they are denied, many people are saying yes, there is good news for those who have been denied, they should also get this payment. This will happen, that will happen. I am saying that I am running again. This is bitter but it is true that I am saving you people from a big deception.Of course, if you don’t believe what I say once, then just like a bride says three times, I accept, accept, accept, in the same way, I repeat it three times and tell people about their status. They won’t get this payment, they won’t get it, they won’t get it, they won’t get it, they won’t get it, they won’t get it, they won’t get it, they won’t get it, they won’t get it, they won’t get it, they won’t get it, so he says that you don’t get 10,500, so you have three episodes. You don’t know that you have received 36,500, so the poor woman is deceived and thinks that yes, so-and-so woman also received 36,000. 

Whose Status Is Being Checking

Those whose status is being checked, their verification is going on and these are eight to nine departments. I am saying again that the status will be changed in July and it will be their decision. Until their status is changed, they will not get any payment. I tell you three times that you will not get it, you will not get it, you will not get it, besides, the most important people are those whose status has been going on for 8 to 10 months. A Statistical show is being done which is being shown in front that you are eligible but what happens to them they are also sent a message from 71 saying yes go ahead and take your payment later they don’t get payment then there are seven lakh such women. Now they are worried, they are also asking this time whether they will receive our payment in this episode or not. I am not trying to tell a lie to them, the truth is that you people will not get the payment even in this episode, wherever you ask, ask the helpline, I am telling them, ask me or someone else. If there are problems, then I am telling them that they will not get this payment even in this installment. There are 7 lakh women. The government has not given us any new rescue, so they are saying that the Qur’an is a beneficiary. What will happen to the remaining eligible women? What will we do in the next budget? We will adjust it. When we get the next budget, it will be in the month of June. Then what will happen to these women? If they are adjusted, then they will get the next installment. The next installment is Kastani. What will happen to them? Those women who are eligible will also be included and what will they get? Even in this episode, they don’t go to take payment anywhere, they don’t go to check anywhere, they don’t run away, they don’t run, calm down completely, then this will be their peace, it will end in the next episode, after that, inshallah If you get the payment, what should you do? Keep calm, think well, hope for the best, God willing, everything will be fine. Stay happy. Stay happy.

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