8171 New Payment Start Update 2024

8171 New Payment Start Update

He is not going to say anything from  because I thought that if you listen to my words, you guys might not get angry or disgusted with me because of what you guys are trying to do. You are asking, but I am going to answer them. Seven important questions are being asked in it. I am going to answer them. What do I need from you guys? I just want attention. You people will get rid of them and you will get rid of the whispers that you people have and they will also go away. And what will they get now? Will they get it in June? Apart from that, it is also being spread on the second number that people who are not getting the survey and are worried should keep saying that yes, it is June 20. If our survey is not being conducted till then, what will happen, their survey will now be done online and they can also do their survey online. If you can get your entry done, that is not a big deal. Fourthly, one more thing is going to the first place. If you check stylishly, this suspicion has been spread widely, now both men and women have started checking the status of their ID cards. What will happen after the card number is 16, it will be registered for you and you will get it and it will be done at your house. The solar panel will go to your house. So, what am I going to do about all these questions? 

What do you have to do to be a survey?

You people have to convey this message to other people. Will it happen that they are eating three things for free? They will not have to eat, secondly, those who are eating the stumps of Darbadar for free, they will not have to eat them, and thirdly, those who are eating cheats are free, or they are getting cheats for free. They will be saved from eating. My viewers, listeners and lovers. Peace be upon you. I am looking at you. I don’t keep giving time to you people for any new update about Benazir Income Support Program, so I request you to subscribe to the channel so that people get every new update. Please don’t fall prey to any fake news, first of all, what I am going to tell you is that the mistrust is being spread that what has happened is that she has left next June. How can you people meet the number of 13, so I am telling you that this is a complete lie. 

Who are these people? 

These are the same people who used to do what they used to do in our previous episodes. What did they do in them for two or two months? They are coming on Monday. They are coming on Thursday. They are coming on Friday. So, it has been forced, that’s why you people don’t pay any attention to such things. What are we going to do among the 13 riders? People will find that he did not have a date, etc. Well, then many people started to do what he said. Those who are giving dates to you guys, we don’t tell them to dump you guys, because we don’t issue any notification, when we issue a notification, it’s the same, after that we don’t change the date. What happens to the date we give the notification, those who keep giving dates to you guys are not from us, so don’t tease us and tease me. When you hit me like this, I remember those pilgrims who, when they go to perform Hajj, pick up pebbles and hit the devil and think of it as a reward. 

Who Done Their Survey 

Yes, what can I say to you guys, in addition to this, people are being told secondly that yes, June is near and what has happened so far, our survey has not been done, so people are saying that yes, yes, lane survey and  sand. Do it and then you will have an online survey. This is not the case. I have said many times that we do not have any online surveys. A woman asked me that yes, sir, I can have an online survey. She said yes, yes, it can be. She said how? I said there is a condition for that.If you do an online survey, you will be angry from now on. How can you say that? You can say it like this. If the survey will not take place, then you guys are joking that yes, all of them, find a way, then find a way, then we have the same way, so put your thumb in the car, after that we will put it on and survey you people. Then what will happen is the other way and you will not have any ego. Also, it is being said that the children who are there enter online, there is nothing like that because we have not released any application.

What are you doing? 

Children, let them enter it sitting at home. It is not like that at all. What is our application? What are our employees? Banua ke hai, bring the homeless with you, bring the children with you and what should be done to them in front of you, get registered and then go back home. 81 In Qatar, the status of our public identity card is also being checked and then what questions are being asked. What if a woman has been b, so what will happen to her now? This is a strange thing. We have nothing to do with men. It is not necessary to check the status of the identity card of the man, it is not necessary to check the status of the identity card. It is only for a woman to do it and the decision of eligible or ineligible is to be made on the status of the identity card of that woman, so please clear this matter and please don’t ask me again because I am tired of answering the question. Now, let it not be that you people ask me this question any more and what should I do, and then by answering it, repentance will be settled, so this is why you people should not ask me again what my people are listening to. Tell the doubt to others. Besides this, another Shusha has been left. That Shusha has been left. What should you do? 

What will happen to you people because of the chipped ID cards?

Stop making ID cards. Because, apart from the Chief Election of the Guard, no other Nakhti card is made, now the simple ID card has gone away. Yes, now women are being told that they have stayed away from making an ID card, that’s the end of the matter, you have an ID card, it’s your choice, you can make it in any way you want. There is no restriction on this, nor for that reason you can solve it on your own, apart from this, another code has been left, that code has been left, what should you do? If you send your ID card number as a message, what will happen after that? The solar one will be at your home. If you do, your charges are done, your balance is done, now tell me, has such a system been introduced in Pakistan so far? See the registration of Solar which was announced by Maryam Nawaz, I made a video on it even then, she had just suggested that we will give it and I also said that when her The registration has started, I will tell you again, but the registration has not started yet, and the registration that will take place, I told you that what the government has to do is to pass the WAPDA bill. What will happen to the people who use less than 100 units, they will add them themselves, yet you people did not believe me and you did not believe what was the end of this journey. Stopped and what happened to you guys, you started to enter your ID card number on 8800 lest other people get solar and we are left, so don’t show so much impatience, what are you doing in impatience? If you are loving yourself, then save yourself and save others too. It is your responsibility, it is your responsibility. It is up to you. Best of luck, stay happy, stay happy.

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