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Two good news updates have been issued by the government. Number one is the April-June case and the second big and good news update is related to July and September. Both of them will have 10,500 rupees and along with this, 12,000 rupees can also be given to the same families, their names can also be mentioned in the scheme.

On the other hand, let me tell you that this is the second good news that whenever a head of the government is a woman member of this program. So they do a lot of work for you guys, besides, most of the viewers are demanding that they want to do their survey. The surveys of four people have been shown and completed. If you are ineligible, you are under-checking. The income support program has become a following program of Ehsaas, education scholarships, ration programs, and dynamic surveys.

Subsidy on Ration, diesel, petrol and  Electricity 

It is going to start a new program which will officially start from 1st July 2024 through which bank accounts will be opened within six banks whether it is a subsidy on ration or subsidy on diesel petrol besides electricity Along with this, the programs that are Solar and White will be open together and the accounts will be opened in your banks and once you have to go to the bank and open your account, there is no need to go again and again. It is going to be started regularly from May, Rs. 10500 if their score is less than 32, and it is more than 32, then they can’t be eligible until the government makes them eligible, don’t increase the budget for the program. As for September, you have to make payments in your bank account.

On the other hand, the Benazir income support program or any program.

How can you apply for the program and get it? Who is Rubina Ghalib ?

Social protection helpline:

Robina Ghalib is the chairperson, she will do a lot for you because when a woman heads the program, she knows the real problems of women and she works beyond that. The program has enabled the provision of business assets up to one and a half lakh rupees for the self-employment program of married couples up to the age of social protection to start their own business. To be made unique, the investment planning is done in consultation with the family. Under the program, door-to-door registration is being done at the tehsil level. Complaints have been resolved promptly and effective action. Integrated system, Social protection helpline. 12 times up, 24 hours. Apart from this, the program development program is ongoing by the government.

First of all, let us tell you about the registration of the solar program the code 9966 was wrong. On the other hand, if you want to apply for Rs. 12,000, for which you have to go to the Gov BISP office. As you were added, you may have become a part of the Nighaban card to get Rs 12,000 you are already part of the Rashan program for which the government has asked you to provide PIFP data. From the data of patwaris and the data of teachers through the service of food teams through various surveys on you, the poor show is being done according to that then it will be given in them sir I have told you at the beginning of the video. Those who want to take the survey can use our WhatsApp number. Remember that your survey is not completely free and free of charge.

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