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8171 Good News For All BISP Payments | 10500 Check Online 2024 | Kafalat New Update | Dynamic Survey

8171 Good News For All BISP Payments

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم، السلام عليكم Welcome, viewers. As you know, the government is disqualifying a large number of people from this program. Even those who have been receiving payments for the past three to four years are now being deemed ineligible. In this video, I will explain how you can check from home whether you are still eligible or not. We will discuss why people are being disqualified and share complete details with you. Before we proceed, please subscribe to our YouTube channel as we will be sharing crucial information.

Benazir Kafalat Program Registration

How to Check Your Eligibility

Using the Google web portal, you can easily check your status. Many people are facing issues because of the dynamic survey, and those who haven’t participated in the survey are being disqualified. In June and July, a significant number of people will be removed from this program. To check your status, open the Google web portal and enter your identification card number. Fill in the captcha, and your status will appear. The portal will show three types of statuses. If it shows that you are eligible for the subsidy at the utility store, congratulations! You will continue to receive your payments. If your dynamic registry entry is confirmed, you will remain eligible for the next two years. However, if you haven’t registered in the dynamic registry, you will need to participate in the survey again.

BISP Payment 915 Finger Not Match Error

Reasons for Disqualification and Final Updates

Individuals with a PMT score above 40 are being disqualified from both the subsidy and the Kafalat program. If you are disqualified from both, but your dynamic registry entry is confirmed, you won’t be part of the program until the next survey. Women who haven’t completed the dynamic survey will be disqualified within the next one to two months, and their payments will be stopped. Those providing incorrect information during the survey will also face disqualification. It is crucial to participate in the dynamic survey to avoid being disqualified. Eligible individuals will continue to receive their payments in phases. If you haven’t received payments in the first two phases, you will receive them in the final phase, which will start soon

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

 What are the eligibility criteria for receiving payments under the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)?

Eligibility for BISP payments is primarily based on household income, family size, and socio-economic status. Priority is given to households with vulnerable members such as widows, orphans, persons with disabilities, and those living in extreme poverty.

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 How are payments distributed under the BISP?

Payments are distributed through the Ehsaas Program, which includes various methods such as mobile wallets, bank accounts, and designated collection points. Beneficiaries receive notifications through the 8171 Ehsaas Portal regarding their payment status.

 What are the reasons for disqualification from receiving BISP payments?

There are several reasons for disqualification, including discrepancies in the provided information, failure to complete surveys, exceeding income thresholds, or being categorized under certain ineligible groups.

 How can individuals appeal their disqualification from BISP payments?

Individuals who believe they have been wrongly disqualified can appeal through the appropriate channels provided by the Ehsaas Program. This typically involves submitting additional documentation or requesting a review of their case.

Are there any ongoing initiatives to improve the distribution process and address issues faced by beneficiaries?

Yes, the government is continuously working to enhance the efficiency of the payment distribution process. Efforts are being made to improve internet connectivity, streamline data verification procedures, and provide timely assistance to eligible beneficiaries.

 Can individuals check their eligibility and payment status online?

Yes, beneficiaries can check their eligibility and payment status through the 8171 Ehsaas Portal. This portal provides a convenient way to access information and updates related to the BISP payments.

 What measures are in place to ensure transparency and accountability in the BISP payment system?

The BISP payment system is designed to maintain transparency and accountability at every stage. This includes robust verification processes, regular audits, and mechanisms for addressing grievances and complaints from beneficiaries.


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