3 Good News 8171 Ehsas Program 2024

8171 Ehsas Program

In this month three good news stories are being given to you by the government. I miss them one by one. The first good news I give is that Samai who is three months from April Tejun update , After Shazia Murri, Amjad Saqib and now the female chairperson Rubina Khalid has been named, who is going to be the key person very soon. If you do a lot of work, let us also inform you with a big update that whoever is going to get Rs 12,000 less and the registration procedure has also changed. so they will also be informed about the update and on the other hand, if they want to get the government survey done and complete the procedure, and want to do their usual work while sitting in the car.  It has been decided to run from the cam site, what are the updates about it, are going to let you know now, along with the households who have just completed the survey and are being told by the portal Nile, any case of theirs. It will not be a problem if my video is good and many women and my brothers are messaging me saying that we search your channel in the morning and are waiting for your video. When will it come because you can get real information from this channel only, here and there you get a lot of fake data. 

Who Are Eligible

First of all, I would like to tell you that families and families who have been verified, congratulations to you, because at this time, there are many women who are being excluded from the program because of their score survey. If you are getting an opportunity in his place then very soon your case will be in your hands and you will be giving us prayers because EasyU Training has been working for you for the last five years. But it will be a right to congratulate you. On the other hand, the registration process is going on for the 650 centers of the tehsil and let me tell you that women who were 9.3 lakh to 9.5 lakh who were said to be at least my number. According to what I am seeing, this number will go back to around 8 million and 75 million because many women are becoming ineligible and there will be around 2.5 to 3 million newly eligible women. Among them, who will be you and who will be the new ones who are under investigation, who are waiting, who are waiting, your names will be there and each family is being given a case of 10 thousand 500 rupees by the government. have come and in the next few days they will complete their deployment and they will do a great job for you and can do better for women and women Amjad Saqib of No Doubt also said very well has performed and he has gone to the field and made a lot of efforts for the people and since 2008 the program has been formally started and Amjad Sahib’s previous role in starting it is behind him that he said that support to poor people should be done and now the score is 32.

Poverty Score Update 

The score of the women who are getting NIL is higher. If the government increases the score and increases the budget, then NIL can also be eligible. It has been done and three weeks will be monitored on the camp side, the cut-off relationship, new option, and on the other hand, there will be no error of any kind on the camp site. If any error is found anywhere, the staff can be suspended and fined in turn and they will be dismissed from their jobs. In September it will be credited to your bank account which is a great sign that people who want to do their survey will reach us using our number which is available on the About section of the channel and we have received many People have been blocked before, the procedure of taking 12 thousand rupees has been changed by the government, this time the Punjab government is giving 12 thousand rupees and there are three installments in a year, so it is full time, any such registration method. It did not work, but what has been heard is that someone will take their data through a survey, in which they will also include the people of BEST, they will get 10500 rupees, they will get educational scholarships for children, along with this they will get 12 thousand. What is the procedure for registration of solar programs and how to get solar up.

Baitul-Mal Program Update 

So they will definitely send me a link to Baitul-Mal Pakistan. I, especially disabled people, can get their registration done and from there only those who are beneficial will be tried. And who will give it to them? The rest of the healthy people do not belong to them, the poor, the poor and the entitled and those who have a disabled form in their home can apply for it and join the government. On behalf of Baitul-Mal Pakistan, the link-up is being provided in Discoverer, the method of taking 12 thousand rupees has also been told to you, the good news of July 1 has also been told to you. You have also been informed about the updates about April 2016, which is great news, and if you want to do the survey at home, we have given you 16 and remember that There is no free work at all. 

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