Big News: 8171 Ehsas Program New Tranche start Update 2024

8171 Ehsas Program New Tranche start 

8171 Ehsas Program New Tranche start  This month, three pieces of good news are being given to you by the government. There was a complete update on this, I am going to inform you in this video, on the other hand, let me tell you that after Shazia died in Marvi, Amjad Saqib and now the female chairperson Rubina Khalid have been named. that very soon she is going to be the chairperson when a woman like this is the head of the program. She does a lot of work for women so also let you know with a big update that 12 You are also going to get less amount of Rs.1000 and the registration procedure is also changed. Read: Punjab government Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card features 

Government Survey

8171 Ehsas Program New Tranche start  By sending a message to one half 71, you will not get it. Many viewers are asking about solar registration. And on the other hand, if you want to get the government survey done and want to complete its procedure and want to do your usual work sitting at home, then you must have understood the signs and we are guiding all the viewers who have arrived. What are the updates regarding the episode which has been decided to be broadcast from Campside? None of their cases will happen this time. First of all, I would like to tell you that such families and families who are Niles are being checked. Because of the score and survey, you are getting an opportunity to take her place. Also Read:10500 BISP Survey For Men And Female  

Under Investigation

8171 Ehsas Program New Tranche start  The 9.3 lakh to 9.5 lakh that was said to be the number, at least according to what I am seeing, will go back to about 80 lakh and 7.5 lakh if ​​many women are eligible. Who will you be and who will be Nil who is under investigation, who is waiting and who is waiting will be your name and each family is being given a case of 10500 rupees by the government in the name of Rubina Khalid as the chairperson. done and in the next few days her deployment will be completed and she will do a great job for you and can do better for women and women Amjad Saqib of Note Out also performed very well. And he has gone to the field and made a lot of efforts for you people and the program has been formally started since 2008 and the role of Amjad Sahib in starting it is the role of Mr. 

8171 Ehsas Program New Tranche start 

Dismissed Jobs

Go and now the score is 32. If yes, the score of the women who are getting NAIL is higher. has been and three till now will monitor on the camp side which is Kututi Kapoor Nishta no option and on the other side which is any kind of error which is cam site will not be on the cam site a big warning has been issued by them that if If any error is found anywhere, the staff can be suspended and they will be fined and dismissed from their jobs. Whatever it is, it will be deposited in your bank account, which is a very good sign. The procedure of taking 12 thousand rupees has been changed by the government. So there is no such registration procedure in full time but what is heard is that they will collect data through their own survey which will also include the people of BEST who will get 10500 rupees for children’s education. What is the procedure to get the scholarship and how to get solar up. Details about solar have already been released.  Read:How can I check my eligibility for the Ehsaas Program? 

BitBank of Punjab

8171 Ehsas Program New Tranche start  The code has not been announced by the government so far. You hear that they had created a drama, I had voiced about it from the first day and kept saying, brother, it is not from the government, it is not, but when people hear it, they spread fake things virally. The things that are false start to appear, so someone will join them through BitBank of Punjab, someone will give a link through it, and registration will take place through it, which has not been done so far by the government. Read:How to apply Kisan card

Healthy People

8171 Ehsas Program New Tranche start  Chucky Hain Bit has not started their online process yetThere, specially disabled people can get their registration done and from there only those who are benefited will be tried and who will give them the rest who are healthy people are not for them, the poor, the poor and those who are entitled and Those who have a dream in their home can apply for it and join it. The good news of Baitul-Mal-Pakistan July has also been told to you by the government. It has been informed that April Tjoon is great news and if you want to make 35 rupees then we have given you the facility and remember that this is not a free job at all. Also Read:How to apply for electric bike scheme


What is the program about?

The 8171 Ehsas program offers financial assistance to underprivileged families in Pakistan. This can help cover basic needs like food, healthcare, and education.

How does it work?

The program utilizes various initiatives, including:

Cash transfers: Direct payments are made to deserving families through programs like Ehsaas Kafaalat and Ehsaas Amdan.

Web portal: Online registration and status checks might be available through a web portal.

Other initiatives: The program might encompass additional projects like emergency cash assistance.Read: Ehsaas Amdan Program CNIC Unused Overhaul Check Online Enrollment 25000 OF 2024

Who is eligible?

Eligibility criteria can change, but the program generally targets low-income families. Recent updates suggest the new tranche might prioritize eligible women [Source 2].

How do I register?

Reliable information on registration is crucial. Look for updates on the BISP website or social media to confirm the process for the new tranche.

How much is the assistance amount?

The disbursement amount might be around PKR 10,500 for the upcoming tranche, but confirm this through official sources [Source 1].Also Read:Children’s scholarships update

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